Chris Jericho reportedly confronted CM Punk backstage and called him a "cancer" after AEW All Out incident

Is this the end for The Second City Saint in AEW?
Is this the end for The Second City Saint in AEW?

Every day, more and more skeletons continue to tumble out of CM Punk's closet in the aftermath of the alleged backstage scuffle with The Elite last month. According to the latest reports, Chris Jericho confronted the Chicago native and engaged in a heated verbal exchange after the notorious All Out incident.

The new revelation follows hard on the heels of rumors that Tony Khan is looking to buy out The Straight Edge Superstar's remaining contract with AEW.

During the post-All Out media scum, Punk went off on Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Colt Cabana. Shortly thereafter, he and his friend Ace Steel reportedly engaged in a melee with the EVPs because of the 44-year-old's explosive comments.

Fightful Select has learned that Jericho approached Punk after the backstage melee, ostensibly unhappy. The Wizard didn't mince words as he told the Chicagoan that he is a 'cancer' in the AEW locker room and detrimental to the promotion.

CM Punk's response was not recorded word-for-word, but he is said to have told Chris Jericho that it was 'none of his business' and that he needed to leave. Sources close to the Second City Saint's camp confirmed the two men had an altercation that night.

CM Punk apparently wants to go back to WWE & Chris Jericho looks like he has no issues with seeing him leave AEW 😳Y2J liked a tweet speaking about how Punk has become "toxic" within just a year in AEW, so much so that he's "not worth having around" 😱The plot thickens πŸ‘€

The JAS leader was present during the media scrum, and some even heard him whispering to Tony Khan's ear along the lines of 'Some s**t went down.' Jericho has always been very outspoken, and fans shouldn't be surprised to learn that he stepped up during these unprecedented times.

The company launched a third-party investigation into the matter, which saw Mr. Khan dishing out suspensions to everyone involved and eventually sacking Steel. The locker room is said to have become 'Anti-Punk' and has no interest in working with him again.

Will CM Punk return to WWE in the future?

With a hold-up over the non-compete period thwarting CM Punk and AEW from parting ways, fans are pondering whether Triple H will bring the former WWE Champion back to the promotion down the road.

Speaking on the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Konnan asserted that the Voice of the Voiceless' potential WWE return would be a slap in AEW's face:

"If they were to bring CM Punk in it would be a major major cool, right? And it's a way to WWE and Punk to tell AEW 'f**k you', okay? But from what we are hearing, he has a no compete, so that's not gonna happen. You can tell, he [Tony Khan] is not gonna be embarrassed like that, you know what I'm saying? He's not gonna let him go and without that no compete being enforced."
Do you want to see CM Punk back in WWE?

Triple H and CM Punk's real-life animosity has reportedly 'softened a bit' amid the multi-time world champion's return rumors.

Only time will tell whether AEW releases their biggest box office draw and if they do, will WWE make overtures to sign him?

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