Former WWE Divas Champion wants AEW to sign her real-life brother 

WWE Divas Title belt (left), AEW logo (right)
WWE Divas Title belt (left), AEW logo (right)

A former WWE Divas Champion recently took to Twitter urging Tony Khan to sign her brother to AEW.

The former WWE Superstar in question, Saraya, joined AEW in September last year. Her debut came under the heels of several signings by Tony Khan, who has been on a signing spree over the last few months. Since then, the Anti-Diva has been involved with some of the biggest stars on the roster. She has also recently turned heel alongside Toni Storm.

While many have complained about Tony Khan's roster being bloated, Saraya wants another star to be signed to the Promotion. Taking to Twitter, she recently expressed the wish to see her brother Zak Zodiac in AEW.

"Definitely would love to see my brother in @AEW well deserved #ZodiacAllElite," Saraya tweeted.

You can check out the original tweet here:

The former WWE Superstar has previously talked about her brother being potentially signed to AEW

This isn't the first time Saraya has expressed a desire to see Zak Zodiac in the Jacksonville-based Promotion.

Despite not finding much success with American viewers, Zak Zodiac is revered in the British wrestling community as a local legend. Fans have often questioned why the 31-year-old has not made the leap successfully given Saraya's numerous achievements in WWE.

During her appearance on AEW Unrestricted, Saraya talked about bringing in her brother in AEW to showcase his talent.

“Zak has never made it and it’s so frustrating, he’s tried so hard. We need to get him on an AEW Dark show or something like that so we can showcase him. He just did New Japan. People loved him, they’re bringing him back again.” (H/T:
2022 has been INCREDIBLE but 2023 is looking to be THE YEAR! Where do you wanna see me wrestle? #itstime

As of now, it remains to be seen if Tony Khan will acquiesce to Saraya's request about her brother in the future.

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