Former WWE star hints at a big reunion for All In match against Adam Cole's faction

Adam Cole is the leader of the Undisputed Kingdom
Adam Cole is the leader of the Undisputed Kingdom

One of Adam Cole's former stablemates has teased an instance of his past coming to haunt him. It was a feud between his former and current factions, as satirized by Bobby Fish.

The Panama City Playboy has had his fair share of leading great factions. He was part of reDRagon with Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish a few years ago. The trio made their way to NXT and formed the Undisputed Era with Roderick Strong. Just recently, Cole announced the emergence of the Undisputed Kingdom, which was him and Strong teaming up with The Kingdom plus Wardlow.

On Twitter, Bobby Fish replied to Bully Ray, who was asking the fans what they wanted them to talk about on the Busted Open Radio podcast. Fish brought up the idea of the reDRagon facing the Undisputed Kingdom and this leading up to All In.

"🔴🐲 vs. Undisputed Kingdom leading to All In. 🤷🏼." Fish wrote.

With Adam Cole and Roderick Strong in the Undisputed Kingdom, this might end up being the four former members of the Undisputed Era feuding with one another.

Top Free agent teases going after Adam Cole and his new faction

One of the top free agents, former MLW star Alexander Hammerstone, has hinted at going after Adam Cole and the Undisputed Kingdom.

Hammerstone also previously teamed up with MJF, and the two were part of a faction called The Dynasty in MLW. He has constantly teased reuniting with his former stablemate. With what has happened to Friedman recently, he may have a reason to arrive.

On Twitter, he would reply to Mike Bennett posting a picture of all five men of the Undisputed Kingdom. He revealed that he wanted to go after the big one, Wardlow.

The Undisputed Kingdom has several factions coming after them, such as Bullet Club Gold and The Acclaimed. They have several names outside of AEW expressing their interest in feuding with them, and it will be interesting to see what goes down in the coming months.

Who would you want to see in a feud with the Undisputed Kingdom? Let us know in the comments section below.

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