Former WWE talent surprisingly returns to Tony Khan's promotion after 8 years

Tony Khan is the president of All Elite Wrestling
Tony Khan is the president of All Elite Wrestling

Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs was seen making an appearance at the taping for this week's episode of ROH TV. This would be his first appearance on the promotion since his departure back in 2015.

Jacobs was known initially as a competitor before taking up backstage roles. He spent a decade's worth of time with ROH on three different stints before going into writing and producing for IMPACT and WWE. He was known for being fired by the Stamford-based promotion after taking a picture with The Elite during their 'invasion' of RAW back in 2017.

Three months ago, it was reported that Jimmy Jacobs was signing with AEW as a producer, having been seen backstage for an episode of Dynamite around that time. Surprisingly, tonight, he was seen in-ring for a match against Shane Taylor for ROH TV, which would be his first match on the promotion in over eight years.

Former WWE name once claimed CM Punk was an asset to AEW

Jimmy Jacobs previously talked about his first meeting with CM Punk. He was merely 16 years of age at the time, and Punk was just 22 as well. He revealed that at the time, Punk was young like him, so he was not very friendly, but in the end, he received help from Punk, which would go on to have an impact on his career.

While speaking to Conrad Thompson on The Insiders, Jacobs then gave his take on CM Punk's value to the promotion. This was during the time when Punk was suspended for the Brawl-Out incident. The former WWE writer claimed that Punk was an asset. He had skills in-ring, with promos, and had an 'It' factor to him.

"Punk was loyal to the people around him and who he saw worked hard. Punk's a great performer, he's a great promo,' he declared. 'He has a real 'it' factor, and he always did. His success is no accident. It's unfortunate to see how the stuff in AEW went down. As a performer, he's an asset." (H/T WrestlingINC)

Jimmy Jacobs has made valuable contributions to the wrestling industry both in and out of the ring. Now that his career has once more gotten rolling following his latest appearance on ROH, it would be interesting to see what he brings to the table.

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