"Let’s fight again for Fun!" - Former WWE Superstar wants a rematch against Hangman Page

Hangman Page during his entrance at Double or Nothing.
Hangman Page during his entrance at Double or Nothing.
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Hangman Page has only recently lost the World Championship, but he is already getting new challengers. In a recent Twitter post, Lance Archer challenged the former AEW World Champion to a rematch.

Archer was the first star to step up to Hangman Page after his feud with Bryan Danielson. The two battled it out in a Texas Deathmatch, where Page barely walked away with the championship. Archer has always been a fingertip away from capturing gold in AEW, but the Murderhawk Monster might have a score to settle.

In response to Hangman's post-Double or Nothing Tweet, Archer wasted no time stepping up to the Millennial Cowboy.

"Let’s fight again for Fun!" Archer tweeted.
Let’s fight again for Fun!…

Without the AEW World Championship, Hangman has an opportunity to reinvent himself. The star could turn heel or join a stable to re-establish himself as one of the top competitors in AEW. Revisiting an old opponent like Lance Archer could be a good way to remind fans that even after a major loss, he's still a force to reckon with.

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Thunder Rosa believed Hangman Page was going to show another side of himself at Double or Nothing

During an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, the AEW Women's Champion hinted that fans might have seen a different side of the Millennial Cowboy at Double or Nothing.

“It’s tight. It could go either way, man. I like Adam Page, I think he might show another side of him at [Double or Nothing].”
The presentation of Hangman Page may not have been the best but the guy never missed with his matches as champ. NOT EVEN ONCE.

While Page ended up staying true to himself at Double or Nothing, his moment of doubt cost him his championship belt. There is still room for the star to turn villainous, and fans might get to see this other side of him after all.

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