"He should really go back to WWE" - Wrestling fans call out former Intercontinental Champion to leave AEW and sign with Triple H due to poor booking

Should Triple H bring back this AEW star?
Should Triple H bring back this AEW star?

Several former superstars have eventually returned to WWE since Triple H took over the helm of the creative department.

Some fans on Twitter are now picturing Bryan Danielson's (fka Daniel Bryan) return after his questionable booking in AEW. The 41-year-old appears to have become an afterthought, as he hasn't been booked to win high-profile matchups. Despite being involved in some grueling encounters, Danielson has lost every title match he's had so far.

The American Dragon recently stirred the wrestling world when he asserted that he didn't like Vince McMahon propelling him as an "underdog." His remarks didn't sit well with the Twitterverse, who lashed out at his AEW booking. Some even asserted that he should go back to his old stomping grounds to finish his pro wrestling career.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below:

@ringsidenews_ Well now he gets booked like a midcarder
@ringsidenews_ He should've been the top guy the moment he signed w/ AEW. It should've been him and MJF, then everyone else. Being booked as an underdog worked in WWE, just like Rey Mysterio. But AEW could've and should've booked him as the company's top dog from the start...
@ringsidenews_ His last best run was as WWE Planet Champion with that eco friendly title ๐Ÿ”ฅ
@ringsidenews_ WWE made him a household name. People knew who he was because of WWE
@ringsidenews_ WWE booked him better simply because he was there for longer. But it was annoying at Wrestlemania 30 when WWE tried to sell us that a former World Heavyweight Champion was somehow an underdog.
@ringsidenews_ WWE and he needs to go back
@ringsidenews_ WWE. I haven't actually heard of him doing anything in AEW yet. Definitely nothing of note. Honestly in AEW he is just a number, like the rest of the roster. He should really go back to WWE.
@ringsidenews_ Honestly so far it's looking like WWE. He hasn't don't anything special in AEW and there's so much potential there for him
@ringsidenews_ He'll probably go back to wwe for a final run. He just wanted to face talent he hasn't before. He'll probably end in WWE with there new talent and a classic match up.
@ringsidenews_ The more he talks, the dumber he appears.

What else did Bryan Danielson have to say about his "underdog" persona in WWE?

Having realized he doesn't like portraying an underdog gimmick, Bryan Danielson added that it's 'super easy' to play that role when you're up against someone of Brock Lesnar's stature:

"Against Brock Lesnar, it's super easy to be an underdog," Danielson added. "When you're wrestling guys that aren't that much bigger than you or anything like that โ€” or people who, they may be bigger than you, but from what they've done in their career-wise, the fans would expect me to win as opposed to me being the underdog."
๐Ÿช“ vs ๐Ÿ‰

Lesnar and Danielson locked horns in a Champion vs. Champion Match at Survivor Series 2018, which saw The Beast Incarnate emerge victorious despite a valiant effort from his opponent.

Nevertheless, The American Dragon recently revealed that he would become a part-timer after his AEW contract expires. Only time will tell whether he decides to return to WWE for one last run before he rides off into the sunset.

For now, he's gearing up to face Dax Harwood in a first-time-ever match on AEW Dynamite tonight.

Would you like to see Bryan Danielson leave AEW for WWE in the future? Sound off in the comments section below.

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