"He's obsessed with Colt Cabana" - Released WWE Superstar weighs in on CM Punk's infamous rant at AEW All Out media scrum

A former WWE superstar thinks CM Punk is obsessed with Colt Cabana
A former WWE superstar thinks CM Punk is obsessed with Colt Cabana

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison has given his thoughts on the now infamous All Out post-show media scrum where CM Punk verbally blasted his former best friend Colt Cabana.

Cabana was just one of the many targets Punk had on his mind when he took to the microphone following his AEW World Championship win against Jon Moxley. Punk delivered a lashing that fans have dubbed the "Gripebomb", even going as far as to slate Cabana for supposedly sharing a bank account with his mother.

One persistent rumor was that Punk forced Cabana out of the AEW locker room when he arrived in the company, which had fuel added to its fire when Colt recently returned to Dynamite to challenge Chris Jericho for the ROH World Championship.

Speaking on the "Bootleg Universe" podcast, John Morrison shared his opinions about CM Punk's meltdown following All Out. While he thought the whole thing was kind of funny, he said he could see why Punk did it.

“What I think is funny is how he dealt with it, because in some ways he just lashed out at the entire AEW roster. Whether they deserved it or not I don’t know, like from his point of view they did, from my point of view I would never personally say that about a lot of the roster just because I don’t think it’s good business. On the other hand, that’s what he’s known for and he just reverted to character like dropping pipe bombs right?" [16:52-17:24]

Morrison pointed out how Punk blasted numerous members of the AEW roster, even going as far to say that he's obsessed with Colt Cabana due to the fact that Punk was the one who brought him up in the first place.

"He’s upset and he just kind of reverts to like ‘I’m going to blow the whistle on MJF, on everybody I don’t like on this roster, like screw Colt Cabana.’ He’s obsessed with Colt Cabana. But like ‘screw everybody, like everything’s bothering me, I’m going to air it right now and call everyone on their cr*p.’” [17:26-17:47]
WON: Colt Cabana's return was Tony Khan’s idea. It was more for the locker room than anything else.His return was a service to the locker room to boost morale after the turbulent events following All Out.

CM Punk and Colt Cabana were tag team champions together before their falling out

It's quite incredible just how far Colt Cabana and CM Punk have come considering that at one point they were as close as brothers, even becoming tag team champions together.

Punk and Cabana were known as the "Second City Saints" during their time in Ring of Honor, where in 2004 they became the ROH Tag Team Champions on two occasions.

Give it a few weeks I think we’ll see this picture at the centre of a hot Cm Punk Colt Cabana feud, Punks gonna make him THE biggest babyface

Cabana was also Punk's final opponent in ROH in 2005 before the Straight Edge Superstar made his move to WWE, famously breaking down into tears both before and after the match.

Do you think CM Punk and Colt Cabana will ever be friends again? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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