"He Spider-Man'd onto the barricade" - Kofi Kingston credits former AEW performer for iconic WWE Royal Rumble spot

WWE Royal Rumble (left), Kofi Kingston (right)
WWE Royal Rumble (left), Kofi Kingston (right)

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston recently spoke about a former AEW and WWE performer being the pioneer of an iconic Riyal Rumble spot.

The star in question, John Morrison, has had a long and illustrious career in WWE. Apart from winning several titles in the Stamford-based Promotion, he also made his first appearance on AEW last year. Although Tony Khan has not yet signed him, a potential deal may reportedly happen in the future.

Speaking about John Morrison during an appearance on the "Under the Ring" podcast, Kofi Kingston credited him for the iconic Royal Rumble spot. While many fans believe that Kingston first executed the move of holding on to the barricade despite being knocked out of the ring in Royal Rumble, the superstar has credited Morrison for the move.

"I always give credit to John Morrison because he was the one who kind of started this whole phenomenon or brought it back, I guess Shawn Michaels, right? Way back in the day when he dipped his one foot on the ground and got back in. John Morrison was the guy who got knocked off the apron and he Spider-Man'd onto the barricade and ran his way back around and jumped back into the ring, and then the next year, when the Rumble came around, he wasn't with the company anymore." (H/T WrestlingInc)
You know last night it hit me. I thought the Kofi botched spot was familiar. I was thinking “didn't he already do this one?" and I realized that it was John Morrison who did it in the 2011 Royal Rumble

Konnan believes that the former AEW performer could potentially return to WWE

While there has been no official news about Morrison returning to the Stamford-based Promotion, Konnan believes the possibility is still very real.

In a previous episode of his Keepin' it 100 podcast, the wrestling veteran expressed his belief that Morrison was buried in the Stamford-based promotion before his departure. He also mentioned what he thought it would take to bring him back to the roster.

"I think neither of them were happy the way they were released from WWE. Morrison was definitely buried, but I'm sure if Triple H called them himself and say, "things have changed," I'm sure they would consider it," said Konnan. [2:30 - 2:42]

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for John Morrison.

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