"How about if your father was doing that spot?" - WWE legend slams Tony Khan for allowing scary stunt in AEW (Exclusive)

Should Tony Khan think twice before allowing veterans to do extreme dives?
Tony Khan with his father Shahid Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has been on the receiving end of criticism many times since establishing his promotion. However, allowing Sting to take an unsafe bump last week has now resulted in some harsh words from former WWE writer Vince Russo.

Sting's recent high-risk spot, unfortunately, didn't work out as well as the other dives across his AEW career. Sadly, The Icon missed the mark, and instead of landing on supine Sammy Guevara, the veteran knocked his face and suffered a minor injury.

In the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, the pro wrestling veteran warned Tony Khan that AEW stars will continue to push the limits until it's too late.

"It just gets higher and higher and higher and higher, and then finally the voice of reason like ‘No bro, we don’t need to do that.’ I’m sorry bro, Tony Khan needs to know what they’re doing in that match. And Tony Khan needs to be the one to tell 64-year-olds – bro, I guarantee you, (…) [Shahid] Khan is younger than Sting!' [From 09:22 to 09:49]

Russo continued:

"So Tony, how about if your father was doing that spot? You’d be good with [Shahid] doing that spot, bro? Tony Khan needs to be the guy saying ‘Okay guys, what do you got laid out?’ And then, ‘Sting, you really don’t need to be doing that.’" [From 09:51 to 10:06]

Check out the full episode below:


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Vince Russo believes the AEW President can learn from his time in TNA

Russo notably seemed quite upset with The Icon's failed dive and also urged his friend to think twice next time. The veteran has worked with Sting in both TNA and WCW in the past, which also adds to his expertise in the industry.

Continuing in the same episode, Vince Russo recalled his time in TNA and how often he had to step in:

"Especially back in TNA when I was kind of more hands-on, there wasn’t a Vince McMahon or whatever – I would go out of my way, when guys were going over their matches, I would go out of my way to listen in. And when I started to hear the crazy, I would say, "You don’t need to do that.'" [From 08:52 to 09:19]

It remains to be seen if Khan will take the advice from veterans like Russo or continue his booking style of AEW.

What are your thoughts on Sting's high-risk spot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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