"I would advise against such a lawsuit" - Twitter reacts as AEW personality hilariously vows to sue WWE legend Paul Wight 

WWE legend Paul Wight came under fire recently
WWE legend Paul Wight came under fire recently

The Twitterverse had a mixed reaction to an AEW personality threatening to sue WWE veteran Paul Wight.

Although Wight was signed in 2021, he has had very few matches in the Jacksonville-based Promotion so far. Instead, he has shown a preference to working as a commentator on Dark Tapings. However, his abstinence from wrestling has apparently not kept him from getting into a conflict with Smart Mark Sterling.

During a recent match between Tony Nese and Trent Beretta on Dark, Wight spoke about his disdain for Sterling while commentating, this prompted Nese's manager to post an angry tweet intended for the WWE veteran, threatening to sue him for the latter's comments.

While Wight himself has not responded to the tweet, plenty of fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

@MarkSterlingEsq @PaulWight @AEW I think you should challenge him to a match on Rampage.
@MarkSterlingEsq @PaulWight @AEW This is harassment in the workplace!
@MarkSterlingEsq @PaulWight @AEW It’s only slander if it’s not true.
@MarkSterlingEsq @PaulWight @AEW oh shut it, you two bit wannabe Jimmy Hart.
@MarkSterlingEsq @AEW @PaulWight Actually, his statements all sound like opinion to me, which are protected by the First Amendment. I would advise against such a lawsuit.
@MarkSterlingEsq @PaulWight @AEW he looks like an ambulance chaser 😭😭😂 any judge would just rule in his favor! 💀
@MarkSterlingEsq @PaulWight @AEW Last time you went after a dude you got powerbombed. Now you want to get chokeslammed. I don't get you.
@MarkSterlingEsq @AEW @PaulWight @PaulWight vs @MarkSterlingEsq on @AEW this week, book it Tony. inside steel cage,

Paul Wight recently commented on a former WWE star potentially joining AEW

While it remains to be seen how the altercation between Mark Sterling and Paul Wight progresses, the WWE legend has recently commented on the possibility of Mercedes Moné joining Tony Khan's roster.

Speaking on the topic of Moné during an interview with TMZ Sports, Wight commented on how the Boss could re-invent herself on Tony Khan's roster.

“I think she’d be a tremendous asset to any company. She’s a star and has an incredible fan following. Any company would be glad to have her. For a long time, everyone got spoiled because there was one company to work for. Now there are multiple viable companies again to work for. It gives talents an opportunity to express themselves and create the deals they want to make. It gives a chance for someone stagnant in one company to reinvent themselves.” (H/T TMZ Sports)
mercedes monè vs kana, i want it again.

As of now, it remains to be seen what is next for Mercedes Moné in her wrestling career.

Do you want to see Mercedes Moné join AEW someday? Sound off in the comments below!

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