"I’ll f*ck the Conor clone up" – AEW star MJF warns "roided up" Conor McGregor after Twitter war

Conor McGregor took a dig at MJF
Conor McGregor took a dig at MJF

AEW World Champion MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) recently clapped back at Conor McGregor on Twitter in a social media war of words between the two.

The interaction began after McGregor reacted to MJF's recent online beef with UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett.

In response to The Notorious One, Friedman put Pimblett on notice while claiming he was willing to deal with McGregor all by himself. Further, the AEW World Champion labeled the UFC sensation a "roided-up leprechaun."

"I’ll f*ck the Conor clone up. Then I’ll wipe my a** with the original. Stay in your lane you roided up leprechaun. You can’t hang with the @AEW World Champion. #Betterthanyou," wrote Friedman.

Check out Friedman's tweet at this link:

A dollar store Conor is still worth millions! Let’s go young Paddy Pimb! Don’t know who this other clown is.

WWE legend Booker T recently spoke on MJF's work in AEW

WWE legend Booker T recently spoke about MJF on The Hall of Fame podcast. He praised the newly crowned AEW World Champion for understanding the business.

He also said AEW needs to get back on track and people need to focus on the show instead of the drama it recently underwent. He said:

"I heard a little bit of the press conference that he did after the match. I didn’t see the match, but I did hear some of the press conference on YouTube. He said the ship has been righted and I think that’s what that company needs more than anything, I think they need to get on a track to where people focus on the show as opposed to the drama that’s going on or just the individuals," the WWE legend said. [H/T WrestlingNews.Co]
FIRST. TIME. EVER.@The_MJF is your new AEW World Champion #ANDNEW

At the Full Gear pay-per-view, Friedman won the AEW World Championship by beating Jon Moxley with the help of William Regal.

Regal slipped his brass knuckles to The Devil, who hit Moxley with them to pin him for the three-count. The new champion will make his return on next week's episode of Dynamite.

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Vince McMahon loves a current star. Kurt Angle gave us all the details here.

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