"I'm sure Jeff (Jarrett) was p***ed" - Major AEW star recalls anxious moment with the WWE Hall of Famer that worsened relationship

Jeff Jarrett went up against his longtime rival Sting at Full Gear
Jeff Jarrett went up against his longtime rival Sting at Full Gear

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett stunned the wrestling fraternity with his AEW debut last month. He was associated with his former company in an executive role where he was the Senior Vice President of Live Events. A few days ago, Matt Hardy and Double J faced each other at a non-AEW event. Hardy recently highlighted an incident which seemingly added fuel to their real-life feud.

The two men have known each other since the Attitude Era in the 90s. The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) mesmerized fans with their high-flying moves and unique personalities.

On the latest edition of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy talked about the night he made his surprise return to WWE. During the same time, Jeff Jarrett, who founded TNA (now IMPACT Wrestling) was keen on signing Matt Hardy:

"I was sitting in the limo, Vince (McMahon) came out, talk to me big hug everything else. 'Oh, so great to have you, this is gonna be great, I'm so excited' and this and that, whatever. And then Adam (Copeland) came out for a minute and we talked about kind of what you're gonna do for a second. And then I remember getting a text from Jeff Jarrett, saying, 'Look, man, I know you're in New Jersey. Just tell me the truth. Just tell me the truth.' You know, I had been sworn to secrecy. You know not to say anything about this return that was happening." (1:17 -1:50)

Hardy added that he had sent him an offer to which he had verbally agreed but did not sign any documents, and this seemingly urked the Hall of Famer:

"So I came back making more money and it was more money than I would have made there. And there's a small part of me. I'm sure Jeff was p***ed. He had spent all this time interacting with me and whatnot, like trying to bring me to TNA but also being the businessman that he is, the savvy businessman. He is, I'm sure he understood why he ended up making that decision as well." (2:13 2:31)

Check out the entire video below:


Road Dogg took over Jeff Jarrett's role in WWE

Following Jeff Jarrett's departure from WWE earlier this year, it was announced that Road Dogg had filled his shoes and taken over his position.

On a recent edition of the Oh... You Didn’t Know podcast, the DX member mockingly addressed the matter and apologized to Jarrett.

“Look, you can be doing your job, and one day someone not like it, and the next day you’re not there... [Laughs] Bless his heart, I’m so sorry. It hurts me when you say that. But I bet it hurts him a hell of a lot more. [Laughs] I’m so sorry Jeff.” (H/T: SeScoops)
Road Dogg is being rehired by WWE to take the place of Jeff Jarrett as Vice President of Live Events. Exactly what we talked about last night. Out with the old (Vince), in with the Triple H (TakeOver)Also Ryan Katz who was HUGE for NXT Black & Gold is rumored to be.back as well

Matt Hardy's brother Jeff Hardy also signed with AEW but was suspended following his arrest for driving under the influence.

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