"I said there's only one thing" - 54-year-old WWE veteran discloses the advice he gave to Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay is one of NJPW
Will Ospreay is one of NJPW's top stars

William Regal has disclosed the advice he gave to New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Will Ospreay.

2022 was arguably one of Ospreay's best years in professional wrestling. He made big moves in New Japan and even competed in AEW. Additionally, he has also been a regular in the UK for RevPro.

Speaking on the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip, William Regal detailed his advice to Ospreay was to face the cameras more.

"I said there's only one thing. I said you did that incredible thing there, but you did that facing away from the cameras," said Regal. [H/T:Wrestling Inc]

Ospreay has won numerous titles during his time in Japan, including the NJPW World Heavyweight and United States Championships. Meanwhile, Regal is now part of WWE after leaving AEW earlier this year.

Ricochet recently spoke about the possibility of Will Ospreay joining WWE

Ricochet and Will Ospreay are no strangers to one another. The two men have previously shared the ring with each other in New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

In a recent interview with DigitalSpy, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion spoke highly of Ospreay. He feels that the NJPW star will fit in with any promotion. Ricochet said:

"I think Will would fit in anywhere he wanted to go. I don't think it matters what company," he said. "I think it just matters where he would like to go (...) He's so good and I think he's obviously shown that he can have the small guy, quick matches and have the David and Goliath so-called matches (...) He's just one of those guys that, anywhere he goes, he's just always kind of fit in and taken over," he added. "So the sky's the future for him and wherever he decides to go, I know he's going to take it over."

Will Ospreay is currently on the back of a big loss to AEW star Kenny Omega. The two men collided at Wrestle Kingdom 17, with Omega winning the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship by beating his arch-rival.

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