Irate Britt Baker calls out popular AEW star for stealing her attire

Britt Baker is currently aligned with Jamie Hayter and Rebel
Britt Baker is currently aligned with Jamie Hayter and Rebel

Britt Baker has had an impressive run in the Jacksonville-based Promotion. She dominated the women's division with her title reign and ability to captivate the audience. Recently, AEW star Nyla Rose seemingly found Baker's wrestling boot at Wrestlecade and boasted about it on social media.

The 31-year-old star allied with Jamie Hayter and Rebel and often accompanied them to their matches. Baker also holds the record for the second-longest reign as AEW Women's Champion for 274 days.

At Full Gear, Baker faced her dream opponent Saraya (fka Paige), who made her in-ring return after nearly five years. Their rivalry commenced when the former Anti-Diva made her shocking debut in September, interrupting Baker, Hayter, and Rebel's assault on Toni Storm.

Following Nyla's tweet threatening to sell her wrestling boot, a seemingly fed-up Baker responded that it was high time she gave up on her backstage antics.

Nyla… enough…

Over the past month, Nyla had been in a feud with Jade Cargill. She stole her TBS title and paraded around with it as her own. The two, however, are yet to come face-to-face and settle their scores in the ring.

Britt Baker has expressed her interest in competing on non-wrestling shows

It is common for wrestling stars to appear on varied television shows, movies, reality shows, etc. Many notable names in the industry, like The Rock, John Cena, Batista, and many more paved their way in Hollywood along with their pro wrestling careers.

Most recently, Chris Jericho appeared on The Masked Singer. He also starred in a slasher-horror film Terrifier 2 which was released around Halloween.

After tagging Britt Baker in a tweet to compete on Dancing with the Stars, the AEW star responded with enthusiasm, seemingly in agreement:

This week on Dynamite, it was announced that the Interim AEW Women's Champion has retired and merged with the main title. Hence, making Hayter the official champion.

It was later highlighted that Toni Storm's title reign was legitimate and was not considered as a filler for her duration.

Would you like to see Britt Baker contend for the AEW Women's Championship again? Sound off in the comments.

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