Jim Cornette believes major AEW star has not recovered after an initial heel stint in the company

Has this star lost all their momentum?
Jim Cornette is a veteran in the business.

Jim Cornette's critiques of AEW have often led to him coming under fire from fans, but that's never stopped the veteran. Cornette recently criticized Britt Baker's performance at Dynamite and pointed out that the star hasn't improved since turning heel.

Baker has been called the best of the AEW Women's Division, and her run with the championship was also praised by many. However, since dropping the title, many have turned against her online.

During the latest Jim Cornette Experience, the veteran recalled Britt Baker's initial heel turn and expressed that her promos have improved but not her in-ring work.

"Three years ago, when they were starting out: dentist, professional woman, attractive, decent in the ring – we thought – you know, push her, make her something. And then they made her a heel and that first week was abysmal because they left her twisting the wind – she’d never done a heel promo, but then she gets the promo, but the promo came early, the work has not come, and it’s late." [07:55 to 08:25 ]

Fans were recently quite harsh when clips of Baker's clash against Saraya during their AEW Dynamite match went viral and even called for The Anti-Diva to retire instead of having another match in the promotion again.

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Cornette also criticized a diving spot during Britt Baker's AEW Dynamite match

Britt Baker and Adam Cole recently took on Chris Jericho and Saraya on Dynamite in a mixed tag match. While fans were initially excited to see the bout, many criticized the match in hindsight, and Cornette especially found fault with Baker's diving spot on Jericho and Saraya.

Earlier in the same episode, Jim Cornette pointed out how this was a spot Dusty Rhodes used against a babyface and not a heel.

"For the first time ever in the history of wrestling: a heel sacrificed himself. That’s the babyface spot! Dusty Rhodes loved that spot. The heels would be ready to come off the top rope on a helpless babyface and his partner, at the last second, would jump in on top of the helpless babyface and sacrifice himself." [05:22 to 05:45]

Chris Jericho has not missed any of the online criticism he's been receiving from his detractors and recently clapped back at one of them. While he's consistently been able to reinvent himself, is Y2J out of touch with the audience?

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