"Wrestling business is f**ked - WWE veteran speculates suspended AEW talent reached out to RAW Superstar Kevin Owens on alleged interest in changing companies

Is Kevin Owens at the center of two AEW stars
Is Kevin Owens at the center of two AEW stars' rumored interest in WWE?

Kevin Owens has had a long storied career in professional wrestling, allowing him to make friends across promotions. According to a WWE veteran, Owens was the star that a top AEW tag team recently reached out to when they pondered jumping promotions.

Owens himself was once rumored to be interested in AEW earlier this year, as his contract was coming to an end. Unfortunately for fans who wanted to see Kevin Owens reunite with his former ROH friends, Vince McMahon allegedly personally asked the star to stay.

In the most recent episode of Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran shared his belief that The Young Bucks definitely reached out to Kevin Owens to send out their "feelers."

"No, I guarantee you they called up Steen (Kevin Owens). The only reason Steen didn’t come over to join them is because they [WWE] gave him a coupe of million dollars to stay where he was. And just the fact that you could see that the wrestling business is f**ked up when Kevin Steen gets two and a half million dollars or whatever on a wrestling contract," Cornette claimed.

There have been no official statements on The Young Bucks having any legitimate interest in WWE. Additionally, Dave Meltzer of WOR recently reported that the Jackson brothers still have some time left on their AEW contract.

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Despite their connections with Kevin Owens, Jim Cornette still believes that WWE wouldn't want the Young Bucks

Fans familiar with Kevin Owens on ROH and the Independent Circuit will remember his time both alongside and against The Young Bucks. The three men have seemingly kept their friendship intact, which is likely why Jim Cornette strongly believes that Owens is the one the duo reached out to.

Continuing on the same episode, Cornette slammed the Bucks and questioned their legitimacy as top stars.

"They just call their friends, that’s all they know how to do! But now the friends ain’t gonna be able to help them. They have no leverage, they have no track record of ratings, they have no track record of any pay-per-view buys, and they have no track record of any kind of great matches with top talent! They do the same matches every time with the gymnasts they brought in. So they have no appeal to the WWE." (05:42 onward).

If the Young Bucks are indeed looking to get into WWE, the brothers might just have to request a release and face a non-compete clause like Malakai Black. But could Tony Khan let go of two more of the stars that helped him form AEW?

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