Konnan claims 6-time WWE Champion has "mega heat" in AEW

Former WCW World Television Champion Konnan

WCW veteran Konnan has claimed that multi-time WWE Champion CM Punk has major heat in AEW.

It all began when Hangman Adam Page cut a promo on CM Punk, claiming that Colt Cabana was moved to a backstage role in Ring of Honor because of the former WWE Champion. This didn't sit well with the self-proclaimed Best in the World, and after a few months in the post-AEW All Out media scrum, Punk ranted against Page, Cabana, and the Executive Vice Presidents, The Elite. This reportedly led to a backstage altercation that resulted in multiple personalities getting suspended.

During his Keepin' It 100 podcast, Konnan opened up about the situation. The former WCW World Television Champion claimed the situation still has not calmed down yet, and he mentioned that one talent from AEW disclosed that there is Major heat on CM Punk.

“I finally did speak to somebody in the dressing room on this and I had said this... it’s very important that if the boys are mad at Punk or Omega or The Young Bucks or whoever’s got the heat in there that needs to be taken into account and this [anonymous] guy told me that’s got mega heat right now is Punk,” Konnan said. [31:29 - 31:55]

Konnan gives some advice to Tony Khan on how to handle the situation

Speaking on the same podcast, the WCW veteran gave AEW President Tony Khan some tips on how to handle this situation.

"I will say this, Tony, I think the best thing he can do for all considered is to sit down with all of them and, make this work," said Konnan. [31:20 - 31:29]

Not only Konnan but several others also shared their thoughts on the situation. Former WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam mentioned that Punk has one of the biggest egos in the business, and it is best for the company if that ego is only shown in the ring. Still, if that attitude is carried to the locker room, it will not be a friendly work environment.

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Fandango wished that the former WWE Champion finds happiness.

I don’t how you feel about CM Punk or the situation as a whole this segment more specifically this part was MOVING. One of the best promos of his run/career and it got overlooked but he FELT everything he said which made you feel it like you experienced it too. #aew #CMPunk

In a recent photo, it was revealed that CM Punk was, in fact, injured. Once he recovers, the wrestling world will find out if he returns to AEW or goes to a different promotion.

Is CM Punk the one to be blamed for all this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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