Major AEW star says he's MJF's biggest weakness (Exclusive)

Should MJF watch his back for this star?
Should MJF watch his back for this star?

AEW World Champion MJF has quite the target on his back, and while he seems occupied by the rest of the Four Pillars, Wardlow could be the real threat. In a recent interview, Mr. Mayhem made it clear that Friedman will have to watch his back.

Wardlow and MJF have a long history together, as The War Dog acted as his personal bodyguard through most of 2021. The pairing quickly became strained, and Wardlow eventually betrayed Friedman, resulting in his loss against CM Punk in the Dog Collar Match at AEW Revolution 2022.

Sportskeeda Senior Editor Bill Apter recently caught up with Wardlow and asked the star what he thought MJF's greatest strengths and weaknesses were.

"Real strong on the mic. I guess we could say he's pretty decent in the ring. But realistically, for any of those who say he has no weakness, Wardlow is his weakness." (02:40 onward).

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Despite Wardlow's intimidating presence, his booking has been criticized online by many fans. Veterans like Bully Ray have also now joined in on the outcry, as he recently questioned why Khan has been stifling the star's momentum.

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Wardlow believes that MJF's Iron Man Match at AEW Revolution 2023 surprised many fans

MJF is a self-proclaimed generational talent and often threatens jumping ship to WWE in 2024. Jim Cornette recently speculated which AEW stars could make the jump and concluded that Friedman would be the only one who wouldn't have to go to NXT first.

When asked by Bill Apter about his thoughts on Friedman's recent Iron Man Match with Bryan Danielson, Wardlow praised his former "employer."

"It was good. It surprised me, I think it surprised a lot of people. Yeah, he was better than I thought, the kid's good - there's no denying that - but he's better than everybody except me." (02:58 onward).

The War Dog clearly has his sights set on The Salt of the Earth, but he'll likely have to deal with Powerhouse Hobbs and QT Marshall first. Either way, it seems that a clash between Wardlow and MJF is inevitable.

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