WWE veteran Bully Ray unsure why Tony Khan has "hit the brakes" with top AEW star

Is Bully Ray right to be concerned about how Tony Khan has handled this star?
Is Bully Ray right to be concerned about how Tony Khan has handled this star?

AEW President Tony Khan has continually faced criticism for his booking decisions, but his recent handling of Wardlow has baffled fans. Bully Ray seems to share the sentiment, as he recently pointed out in a podcast.

Wardlow was once one of the hottest rising stars in the promotion, with his TNT Championship pursuit and prior feud with MJF being highly praised by fans and peers alike. Unfortunately, he is seemingly playing hot potato with the title today, resulting in many fans voicing their displeasure.

Speaking on the latest episode of Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray claimed that Wardlow would be the only star able to have a meaningful feud with MJF next.

"What babyface could come out there and pose a serious threat to Max right now, and yeah you could say Orange Cassidy or CM Punk. I think the kid, at such a young age, has proven so much that the only guy that I can think of – other than Punk – the real story here is Wardlow. But they have hit the brakes with him again, and I’m not sure why." (15:14 onward)

Despite the praise he gets from fans, wrestling legend Hugo Savinovich recently claimed that he isn't a fan of MJF. During a recent Sportskeeda's Award Show Panel appearance, he condemned Friedman's recent actions toward a fan.

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Bully Ray believes that CM Punk would be a good second option for MJF's next AEW feud

CM Punk is one of the most polarizing figures in AEW today and was once on very bad terms with Mr. Kennedy. The veteran recently recalled his issues with Punk and how Paul Heyman helped them become as close as brothers.

During the same episode, the WWE Hall of Famer proposed that Friedman's history with CM Punk would also be a good feud to follow.

"See, now that’s a good example! Because I brought up the Dog Collar match and how he [Punk] was a bloody mess but Punk did beat him, so Punk coming back and exposing the fact that he beat him? Yeah, that’s a good pull." (16:18 onward)

Despite the many reports that indicated that CM Punk would leave AEW, many fans are now clamoring for his return. Since sentiments around him have changed, could The Second City Saint return to AEW after all? Only time will tell.

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