"I'm very p**sed off with him" - WWE Veteran has lost all respect for MJF after AEW incident (Exclusive)

Despite successfully defending his title, the AEW World Champion has not had the best of weeks.
Despite successfully defending his title, the AEW World Champion MJF has not had the best of weeks.

MJF recently landed himself in trouble as the AEW World Champion threw a drink at a child at Revolution 2023. This incident led to severe backlash from the wrestling community. Hugo Savinovich, who worked in WWE for many years, admitted on the latest UnSKripted that he wasn't a fan of MJF's actions.

Unsurprisingly enough, the popular AEW heel was among the names nominated for Promo Skills of the Year at the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards. While Hugo liked the AEW star as a performer, the former WWE commentator didn't enjoy seeing MJF push the envelope too much.

Savinovich has seen many top heels draw heat using questionable tactics, but he was not impressed by what Friedman decided to do at the recent AEW event.

An angry Hugo has lost all respect for the young star, as he revealed below on Sportskeeda's YouTube channel:

"MJF is like a copy of CM Punk. I'm very pissed off with him. I believe that he is pushing the envelope too freaking much. He is losing credibility because he is young, and he thinks that by doing this real stuff, he is getting things done and messing with the little boy. I mean, he lost a lot of respect with me. I think a villain is a villain. You can kick a castle in the sand at the beach; Ox Baker used to do that for real. I don't have a problem with that. " [19:27 - 20:13]

I really like MJF, but I think he is out of control: Hugo Savinovich

The former WWE Spanish commentator continued to talk about his issues with MJF and clarified that he always appreciated the 26-year-old's skills as a wrestling talent.

Friedman has proven to be a genuinely gifted performer, as he's excelled in every facet of the wrestling business at an astonishingly young age. However, Hugo Savinovich felt Maxwell Jacob Friedman should not be allowed to get away with anything and believed Tony Khan should impose a fine of at least $10,000.

Savinovich further criticized the AEW World Champion's methods in garnering nothing but cheap heat. The veteran even explained how it was hurting not just AEW, but the entire wrestling industry as a whole.

"That stuff there was cheap heat, and If I would have been Tony, I would have said, 'You're fined 10,000 bucks right here on the spot.' You've got to have respect; I don't care how good of a heel you are," Hugo added. "The moment you do that cheap stuff, it's not good. I'm telling you, I really like MJF, but I think he is out of control, and things like that are not good for AEW and any of us. Any of us, because it just puts bad, bad taste with wrestling." [21:05 - 21:39]

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