Top AEW star wants to finish his career with Jeff Hardy

The Charismatic Enigma!
The Charismatic Enigma!

AEW star Matt Hardy recently expressed his desire to end his professional wrestling career with WWE superstar and real-life brother Jeff Hardy.

Matt and Jeff Hardy, collectively known as The Hardy Boyz, are widely considered one of the greatest tag teams of all time. They have captured almost every tag team title the wrestling business has to offer.

Despite their collective success, both men have also wrestled multiple times against each other in different promotions.

Speaking to Signed by Superstars, Matt Hardy discussed numerous topics, most notably how he would like to finish his wrestling career in AEW. Matt Hardy stated that he plans to end his wrestling career in Tony Khan's promotion and would love to have Jeff Hardy as his final opponent:

"I mean with the way things are going right now in AEW, I’d say yeah [I’ll finish my career there]. They’re great and I’d really like to have a last hoorah with Jeff [Hardy] there too", said Matt Hardy (H/T- PostWrestling).

This is not the first time Matt Hardy has vowed to have Jeff Hardy in AEW. Even earlier this year, he teased about a possible alliance between the two in All Elite Wrestling.

In all likelihood, Jeff Hardy will only be eligible to sign with AEW when his current WWE contract expires in 2023.

AEW's Matt Hardy thinks Vince McMahon let down his alliance with Bray Wyatt in WWE

The Deleters of World!
The Deleters of World!

Matt Hardy further stated that Vince McMahon didn't understand what he and Bray Wyatt could bring to the table:

"We did have input, but I don’t think Vince [McMahon] got what we were going for. If we would’ve followed what we wanted to do, we were gonna have Bray [Wyatt] kind of be homeless because he lost Abigail and Randy [Orton] burned his stuff down. He was gonna come to the Hardy Compound and we were gonna do a series of vignettes there, as opposed to just wrestlers on the show every week. I felt like that waters down so much. We wanted to do stuff that was gonna be [at] the Hardy Compound that was super entertaining. We had a lot of great stuff in mind but, it is what it is", said Matt Hardy (H/T- PostWrestling).

Matt Hardy had a short yet impactful alliance with Bray Wyatt. After competing against each other, both men soon joined forces to become RAW tag team champions. Their run came to an abrupt end when Matt Hardy took time off to deal with his injuries.

Would you like to see Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy in AEW? Do you think The Deleters of World could have found more success if the company held on to their alliance? Sound off in the comment section below.

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