"Most popular motherf***ker on the roster" - WWE legend wants Tony Khan to officially sign a 22-year wrestling veteran to AEW

Could Tony Khan find room for this veteran to join AEW?
Could Tony Khan find room for this veteran to join AEW?

AEW President Tony Khan already has a stacked roster filled with numerous high-profile names, but WWE legend Jim Cornette believes that a 22-year veteran wrestler would be an ideal fit for the promotion.

Tony Khan's habit of signing the biggest free agents in pro wrestling has been met with a ton of criticism online despite being something he was initially praised for. But could his roster still do with some fresh faces? Jim Cornette thinks that might be the case.

During the latest Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran urged Tony Khan to officially sign Mark Briscoe.

"If I was Tony Khan I would immediately renegotiate [his ROH contract] with Mark Briscoe for three years and I’d say that Mark Briscoe – if used properly – with his talent, can be one of the two or three most popular wrestlers on Tony Khan’s roster for the next couple of years. Not just because of the accident with Jay, but due to his own attributes." [10:06 onward]
Mark Briscoe backstage at Dynamite last week having a hug with Tony Khan and greeting roster members. So uplifting.

.WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley recently spoke on the unfortunate passing of Jay Briscoe, and while he says he never met the star, he claimed that one of his biggest regrets was The Dudley Boyz never facing The Briscoes.

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Jim Cornette is confident in the future of Mark Briscoe as a major draw in AEW

The Briscoes' ban from AEW has been quite the topic of discussion online ever since Jay's passing. While fans initially believed that it was due to the late star's 2013 tweets, a recent report claims that it was also due to them donning US Confederate Flag themed attire.

Mark Briscoe @SussexCoChicken flying off the top, driving @TheLethalJay through the table!Watch #AEWDynamite LIVE on TBS!

Continuing in the same podcast, Cornette predicted that Mark Briscoe could easily become one of the most popular stars on the AEW roster.

"Can you imagine, not only a babyface that the fans will like to cheer for more but a brand new talent they can bring in that would be able to work at a higher level against more of the roster than Mark Briscoe? As well as the natural element of this guy if they act quickly – could very well be, in the next month, the most popular motherf***ker on the roster." [08:07 onward]

Only time will tell if Khan manages to capitalize on Mark's potential, and unfortunately for both fans and Jim Cornette, everyone will simply have to be patient

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