Multi-time WWE World Champion believes Tony Khan should have an AEW Hall of Fame 

Tony Khan is known for making decisions for AEW from a wrestling fan
Tony Khan is known for making decisions for AEW from a wrestling fan's perspective

Tony Khan has established his wrestling empire with the inception of All Elite Wrestling in 2019. Since then, he has signed many notable names from the industry, including former WWE Champions, Hall of Famers and veterans. Recently, Ric Flair cited that the AEW President should consider an AEW Hall of Fame inducting only the best of the industry.

Prior to AEW, Khan was mostly focussed on handling the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a wrestling fan, he was able to bring his vision together with assistance from Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Within a span of three years, the promotion has given WWE a run for their money on a few occasions, colliding head-on when it comes to airing events.

On the latest edition of To Be The Man Podcast, Ric Flair stated that Tony Khan should have a Hall of Fame since he has the means and is an avid wrestling fan:

"I wish Tony would start a Hall of Fame that would create a lot of interest and do it based on people that he things are good in the history of the business. I mean, not just guys from AEW from last three years, that would actually draw a lot of attention. If he had his own Hall of Fame.... He has the means, the passion he loves wrestling and why not." (32:17 - 32:50)

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Many stars have cited Tony Khan to be a patient leader

While Vince McMahon was making his way in the industry, he often collided with Ted Turner's WCW and Eric Bischoff. They were often brash towards each other and did whatever they could for the industry despite the consequences.

During a recent interaction with WrestlingNews.Co, Matt Sydal discussed how supportive Khan was during an injury he suffered at a non-AEW event.

“I’ll tell you what happened when Tony Khan found out what my injury was. He jumped up and hugged me because we didn’t need surgery. I mean, he’s as supportive as you could be, as encouraging as you could be. I mean, it was a setback. Everybody felt like it was taking the air out of a balloon when that happened," Matt Sydal said.

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Following the controversial incident at All Out many veterans and fans of the industry cited that it was humiliating for Tony Khan to not take control at the media scrum. Additionally, he has also been on the receiving end of major criticisms for booking matches and varied segments on the weekly shows.

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