"Number 30 in the men's & women's Royal Rumble" - Fans hilariously speculate about CM Punk and AJ Lee returning to WWE

Will CM Punk and AJ Lee return to WWE?
Will CM Punk and AJ Lee return to WWE?

The Twitterverse recently sparked a discussion over an apparent picture of CM Punk and AJ Lee at the airport ahead of WWE Royal Rumble.

The Second City Saint has been away from AEW since the All Out pay-per-view last September. His comments at the media scrum prompted a massive brawl backstage, further leading to several suspensions.

While some stars like Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have returned to the Promotion, Punk has shown no intention of coming back. This has led to speculation about him joining WWE in the future.

A picture recently emerged on Twitter, which featured two people bearing a resemblance to CM Punk and AJ Lee. This prompted several Twitter users to join in on the conversation, speculating about his appearance at the Royal Rumble.

Number 30 in the men's & women's #RoyalRumble have been spotted in baggage claim...
@HeelWillMahoney Punk and Aj....stop playing got me genuinely interested in watching the rumble now...
@HeelWillMahoney Hoodie guy and luggage girl…hugs fans of them
@HeelWillMahoney i'll turn it off instantly
@HeelWillMahoney CM Punk's excess baggage would qualify. It's already been thrown out of one company this year.
@HeelWillMahoney Did u really see cm punk and aj lee or is this fake news
@HeelWillMahoney who said you can't go HOME???!!!

It remains to be seen if Punk will appear at the upcoming pay-per-view in the Stamford-based Promotion.


Wrestling veteran Teddy Long recently commented on CM Punk's potential return to WWE

While it is unclear whether the Second City Saint will join Triple H's roster, Teddy Long believes it is quite possible.

In an edition of Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Time Machine, Teddy Long offered his opinion on how CM Punk should make his comeback. Long preferred that Punk simply show up to the event rather than plan a surprise for them.

"Well, I look at it different. I’d like for him not to be a surprise. I’d like for him, that’s all of a sudden and f*** there he is," Teddy Long said. [From 25:33 - 25:40]

Teddy further explained how Punk's return would also generate interest for RAW.

"Now you got something to go right into Monday Night RAW with. You come right out of that and you go right into RAW and you got ‘em hooked now. And they are waiting to see if when he comes out on RAW what’s going to happen right there. I leave it a mystery man, and give that big shock. You got ‘em. Now Monday Night RAW they’re hooked, they are waiting on him," he added. [From 25:41 - 25:58]

It remains to be seen if Punk will appear at the upcoming pay-per-view in the Stamford-based Promotion.

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