Second-generation star Bianca Carelli on whether she's eyeing IMPACT Wrestling & AEW (Exclusive)

Bianca Carelli recently spoke about an IMPACT Wrestling or AEW run!
Bianca Carelli recently spoke about an IMPACT Wrestling or AEW run!
Riju Dasgupta

AEW and IMPACT Wrestling have emerged as viable opportunities for professional wrestling talents in North America who want to pursue their dreams. Santino Marella's daughter, Bianca Carelli, is vocal about wanting to follow in her father's footsteps and pursue a WWE dream.

But would she be open to working with other pro-wrestling promotions like IMPACT Wrestling and AEW?

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Is Bianca Carelli eyeing IMPACT Wrestling or AEW right now?

While Bianca Carelli has been very vocal about WWE being her final destination, she would love to work with AEW and IMPACT Wrestling. She said as much during our interview:

"Oh absolutely. There is no opportunity in this business that I would turn down. Because that would be silly (Laughs). That would be silly to turn anything down you know."

Carelli is committed to making a name in the business and rising to the very top!

"If wrestling is what I want to do and it is, any opportunity I have I am thankful for, I am grateful for and I am going to take it because I want to learn, because I want to grow and I want to improve. And I want to see how far I can take this. And hopefully, to the top (Laughs)."

Only time will tell if Bianca Carelli becomes a part of the AEW Women's roster or indeed an IMPACT Wrestling Knockout. Or if she can make her way over to WWE and realize her dreams, following the path that her legendary father paved.

Where do you think she should go? Sound off in the comments section below.

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