"She would’ve made a great p*rn therapist" - Jim Cornette roasts AEW debutant for recent segment on Dynamite

Jim Cornette
Wrestling manager and promoter Jim Cornette

This past week on AEW Dynamite, Billy Gunn conducted a Family Therapy session for his sons, Austin and Colten Gunn, and Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed. Wrestling veteran Jim Cornette verbally destroyed the session's therapist.

The Gunn Club and The Acclaimed have been feuding with each other for several months. Austin and Colten Gunn have been upset with the AEW World Tag Team Champions after their father abandoned them and joined The Acclaimed.

Billy Gunn wanted to sort out the issue once and for all. Thus, the WWE Hall of Famer arranged for a Family Therapy Session. Ahead of the session, former WWE star Summer Rae teased her AEW debut and offered her support to the Gunn Club.

While the former WWE Superstar was nowhere to be seen, another female wrestler made her Dynamite debut as the therapist for the Family Therapy Session.

On the latest episode of the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the wrestling veteran shared his thoughts on the segment and, more specifically, about the therapist.

Cornette felt that she was not a believable therapist and that her reactions and expressions were too goofy.

“They got a girl therapist that overacted, it wasn’t believable in any way, as she did goofy double takes and phony facials. She was obviously, either a rented model or some trainee or something because she’d… You couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t legit, it was goofy. She would’ve made a great p*rn therapist. That was exactly what this acting level was about,” Jim Cornette said. [00:52 - 01:36]

The wrestling world was quick to find the real identity of the therapist. It was one of the graduates of Shawn Spears and Tyler Breeze's Flatbacks Wrestling School.

Jim Cornette on AEW burying The Acclaimed and The Gunn Club

While speaking on the same podcast, Jim Cornette weighed in on the storyline between the AEW World Tag Team Champions and The Gunn club. He believes that both teams are being buried by Tony Khan and his promotion.

"They’re gonna f*** up and kill this, not only The Acclaimed and the whole thing with Billy but, forever pigeonhole his kids as dips**** too if they’re not careful. Because they’re gonna f*** this up... And what they did was, this looked like, this wasn’t even s***-stained Monday Night RAW stuff, this was s***-stained TNA Impact stuff.” [00:10 - 00:51]

After the session, the issues between the two teams have not yet been settled.

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