"That's a bigger problem" – Wrestling veteran says CM Punk's controversy has affected current champion's monster push

Has CM Punk affected AEW far more than fans realize?
Has CM Punk affected AEW far more than fans realize?

CM Punk quickly became one of the most divisive figures in the AEW locker room after his All Out rant and the infamous Brawl Out that followed. While the issues have undoubtedly affected the promotion, Konnan and Disco Inferno believe they've hindered stars like Jade Cargill.

Very little has been confirmed when it comes to what exactly happened during the brawl between Punk and The Elite. Many reports have suggested that the issue stemmed from an internal conflict in the locker room, which has since affected the promotion.

During a recent episode of the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno speculated that the roster has no experienced female wrestlers to train Jade Cargill effectively.

"She [Jade Cargill] just needs to be working – that’s the problem with AEW, there’s not enough more experienced girls to put her in the ring with to make her better," Disco said. [From 01:07 onward]
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Konnan then chimed in, claiming that Cargill's problem stems from the internal conflicts plaguing the promotion.

"But that’s not her main problem, her main problem is the same problem that Wardlow, Adam Cole [have]. That’s a bigger problem, the bad booking, the CM Punk [controversy], you know? Bad stuff," Konnan said. [From 01:18 onward]

During an earlier episode, Konnan also notably claimed that Tony Khan fumbled regarding CM Punk and criticized the promotion's utility of the former AEW World Champion and other stars.

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CM Punk recently shared a backstage image with FTR that has many fans running wild with speculation

The former Straight Edge Superstar's friendship with FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler is well documented. But the star hasn't appeared alongside them in quite some time. While CM Punk's status with AEW remains unconfirmed, he recently shared an image to his Instagram Story that has fans buzzing.

CM Punk's recent Instagram Story with Dax and Cash tagged into the post.
CM Punk's recent Instagram Story with Dax and Cash tagged into the post.

AEW fans have also notably been very critical of FTR's booking as of late, with some even clamoring for all three to return to WWE. Some of the fan's comments showed that they were more excited to see the three together again, no matter the company.

It remains to be seen where all three stars will end up, but the post seems to all but confirms that CMFTR has a future. Unfortunately, fans will simply have to continue being patient as the controversial story continues to simmer.

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