Twitter explodes to suggestions of AEW's CM Punk possibly jumping ship to WWE in the aftermath of the 'Brawl Out' incident 

CM Punk has been the center of speculation since All Out

Fans have been reacting to the notion that CM Punk may be WWE-bound after his issues with AEW.

Punk is said to be amid negotiations to depart AEW following the 'Brawl Out' incident. He and the Elite have been suspended since the alleged altercation, which appeared to have been sparked by his comments during the post-All Out media scrum.

The two-time AEW Champion appears set to depart in just over one year following his fairytale return. Despite a non-compete clause serving as the stumbling block in his release negotiations, there has been speculation that he could well return to WWE.

Jim Cornette sparked a debate after blasting Tony Khan and the Elite for their roles in Punk's departure. Some, like the user below, declare that the Elite are detrimental, going as far as to liken Kenny Omega to Hulk Hogan.

@Inside_TheRopes The Elite will kill AEW. CM Punk is the best thing to happen to Tony Khan but he can't see it.Is Kenny Omega Hulk Hogan? Why does he have this much power?!

Others felt that WWE could be the best move for the Cult of Personality instead of an All-Elite return.

@nickscott80 @Inside_TheRopes @TheJimCornette If Punk goes back to WWE, he’ll look great. AEW… not so much.
@Inside_TheRopes Cornette was fired from NWA for being racist 😂🤡
@Inside_TheRopes CM Punk lost himself.
@Inside_TheRopes Say what you want about Vince McMahon but he’d of NEVER allowed this to happen!
@Inside_TheRopes @TheJimCornette If they got rid of Kenny and the Bucks (and their cronies) I would tune in to AEW immediately.
@Inside_TheRopes @TheJimCornette If DX would have run off Austin in 97... Tony Khan will never be on Vince McMahon's level, because Vince would never let lesser talent run off your top draw.
aew fell off man, #thefirstdance…

Most fans shared Cornette's belief, explaining that Punk leaving at the behest of the Elite could harm the promotion. Some felt he may have brought this upon himself, and it was also pointed out that Cornette has departed promotions under controversy.

Chris Jericho reportedly confronted CM Punk and dubbed him a 'cancer' to the AEW locker room

It was recently reported that The Ocho confronted Punk following the incident, dubbing the suspended star as a 'cancer' in the locker room.

Although Punk's response is not exactly known, he supposedly responded to Jericho with something along the lines of 'none of his business.'

“Chris Jericho approached CM Punk, unhappy about the Brawl Out fight as well as the nature of the scrum that had just taken place. Jericho told CM Punk that he was a cancer to the locker room, and a detriment to the company.”- @FightfulSelect

Y2J recently signed an extension with the promotion, seeing him continue in his role as an active competitor but also grow his backstage presence. If reports are accurate that he and Punk clashed following the incident, the chips are further stacked against the latter, making a return if he wishes.

Do you agree with Jim Cornette? Should CM Punk return to WWE? Join the discussion in the comments below.

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