"The guy just spits fire" - Wrestling veteran opens up on how he'd manage AEW star MJF (Exclusive)

Has MJF's AEW World Championship reign lived up to the hype?

MJF is officially the face of AEW as the world champion, for better or worse. But before gaining this accolade, the star was known for his entertaining promos. During an interview with Sportskeeda, Dan Lambert praised Maxwell Jacob Friedman's remarkable mic skills.

Friedman had quite the eventful 2022, and at one point, it seemed like the star was parting ways with AEW. He also had one of the most talked about feuds with CM Punk and is currently the reigning AEW World Champion.

During his exclusive interview with Sportskeeda's Bill Apter, Dan Lambert gave his honest take on The Salt of the Earth.

"I think I’d get out of his way once he got a microphone in his hand, because the guy just spits fire. And I’d probably grab a seat in the front row, just follow the misdirections, and the softballs you think he’s throwing just so he can run around and hit it in the opposite direction." (00:50 onward).

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Jim Cornette recently made an odd comparison between MJF and Stone Cold, claiming that Friedman's habit of running away reminded him of Austin's Mudhole Stomps.

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Dan Lambert also believes that MJF is a next-level talent, especially on the mic

While Friedman might finally be the face of AEW, the promotion's viewership ratings have not been very impressive. Fans online have often taken jabs at the numbers. CM Punk also joined in, taking a massive shot at MJF on his Instagram Story.

I want CM Punk And MJF Trilogy III

During the same interview, Dan Lambert also reflected on MJF's natural-born talent as a pro wrestler.

"The guy is not the nicest guy in the world, and he acknowledges that he’s not the nicest guy in the world. He thinks everybody is a mark because everybody is a mark. Next-level talent when it comes to the mic. In the ring? It’s almost secondary to him because he does so much to get inside of your head, (…) it’s almost like a bonus when you see him wrestle. He may be smarter than just about anybody out there." (01:13 onward).

It remains to be seen if Friedman can live up to all the hype he's garnered around himself.

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