"They don't do a lot of angles" - WCW veteran on AEW misusing Sting amid rumors of potential retirement this year 

Sting's contract with AEW may end in 2023

Sting has been integral to AEW since his debut in 2020, featuring in several memorable segments and matches. Meanwhile, wrestling veteran Disco Inferno recently spoke about The Icon's ongoing run, as he criticized Tony Khan for the latter's booking.

Upon his arrival, Sting aligned himself with Darby Allin, becoming his mentor. While he is rarely seen participating in matches, The Icon often accompanies Allin in the latter's feuds.

Given Sting's contract with AEW is expected to end this year, speculation about his future has recently gripped the pro wrestling community. On a recent episode of Keepin' it 100, Disco Inferno spoke about how Tony Khan's massive roster does not allow for extended storylines.

"You got a lot of guys on there, and the only time they will be on TV is like a random match every six weeks to do a job to somebody. It's like you don't really need those guys. Sting is the guy that kind of been used regularly but they don't do a lot of angles as storytelling that lasts more than one or two weeks. They just come in and cut promos you'll see on Rampage and that's it." (0:47 - 1:11)

Disco Inferno recently commented on CM Punk's potential return to AEW

Besides talking about Sting's future with Tony Khan's promotion, Disco Inferno also speculated about CM Punk returning to AEW.

In an episode of Keepin' it 100, Disco Inferno noted that Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks had already resumed their competitive careers, making Punk the next star to potentially make a comeback.

"Could be coming back, if Tony sees that they were over a million [viewers] when Punk was on than not, will he agree with that? (...) He brought three of the guys back from that situation. He brought The Elite and Kenny, and the numbers for the show haven't really been overwhelming since they've been back, so maybe Tony look is like, 'If I want numbers I got a guy sitting at hime right now because he got in a fight with the guys I brought back already. Why can't I bring this guy back?'" (1:15 - 2:00)

As of now, it remains to be seen what is next for The Second City Saint. Meanwhile, fans would also be focused on Sting's next move in All Elite Wrestling.

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