"They are rookie mistakes" - Konnan reveals the big mistake AEW made with Sting


Sting made his AEW debut in early December, on the "Winter Is Coming" episode of Dynamite. In a recent interview with Lucha Libre online, WCW legend Konnan revealed his thoughts on Sting's AEW debut and why he felt wrong with how AEW has booked Sting.

Sting signed with AEW earlier this year after his contract with WWE expired. Sting has already made several appearances in AEW, including an appearance last week on Dynamite during the tribute show to Brodie Lee.

Speaking to Michael Morales Torres of Lucha Libre Online, Konnan gave his take on Sting's run in AEW so far and what he had an issue with. While Konnan did not have any issues with Sting's AEW debut, he was not a fan of how AEW booked him following that.

"And let me tell you another mistake. And I get along with Tony Khan, but there are mistakes man. They are rookie mistakes. I'm going to give you a good example. I had this discussion on my podcast. When Sting came out the first time, there was a guy on my podcast who told me: ‘He came out and did nothing’. And I told him: 'Well, you don't have to do anything. It came out and it's a surprise, and it's Sting, man.' Then the second week he told me the same thing, and this time I did tell him that he was right. That's why the rating dropped so much. Because the guy has been out three or four times and has literally not done a thing. I mean, you've had 3 or 4 chances to make a bombshell with this dude, and you haven't done anything."

Details on Sting's AEW debut

The Young Bucks recently gave details on Sting's AEW debut during an appearance on Sitting Ringside with Dave Penzer. The Bucks revealed that it was Tony Khan's idea to bring Sting into AEW, and he discussed this with the other executive VP's who were open to the idea.

The Bucks also revealed that very few people backstage in AEW knew about Sting's debut and only found out about it after seeing him backstage.

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Edited by Alex Turk
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