"They've been bad boys, to be honest" - AEW star reveals he 'kind of walked away' from faction

What led to this star parting ways with this faction?
What led to this star parting ways with this faction?

AEW has several factions which at one point even included more than four members. The Dark Order was once the biggest stable, but now Colt Cabana has confirmed that he's no longer with them.

The Dark Order was at the height of its popularity when the late Brodie Lee led them. Unfortunately, since his passing, the faction has waned and lost many members. Currently, those left in the stable are now heels, which Cabana claims is a reason for his parting.

During his recent interview on Bakers Bantering, Colt Cabana revealed that he's no longer with the Dark Order but seemingly left the door open.

“I was in the Dark Order for a long time, but now I’m not in it as much. They never technically kicked me out, but I just kind of walked away a little bit. They’ve been bad guys. They’ve been bad boys, to be honest.” (H/T Fightful)

Colt Cabana recently recalled his brief stint in WWE, and how the promotion wasn't high on indie wrestlers at the time. Additionally, he personally put a lot of pressure on himself because he looked nothing like Batista.

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The AEW star jokingly addressed a potential return to WWE during Survivor Series

While many fans are hoping to see CM Punk return to WWE at Survivor Series in Chicago this year, the veteran isn't the only wrestler from the Windy City. Colt Cabana - who was notably once Punk's friend - is also from Chicago and was recently teased about making the jump.

In another appearance on the Bakers Bantering podcast, Colt Cabana pointed out how All Elite Wrestling tends to also have shows in Chicago before Thanksgiving.

"I'm hoping that AEW continues that tradition. I assume we will. And I will not be appearing at Survivor Series but I will be at AEW in Chicago because I am contracted and that is my boss and they pay me money to show up there."

It remains to be seen if Cabana will ever return to regular appearances on All Elite Wrestling or not. Despite this, over the past year, the veteran has wrestled on the Independent Circuit on multiple occasions.

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