"This guy has been wasted by 2 companies now" - Wrestling fans explode in disappointment over AEW President Tony Khan and WWE wasting former US Champion's potential

AEW President Tony Khan hasn
AEW President Tony Khan hasn't booked Miro in months

Wrestling fans on Twitter have reacted to Miro's absence from AEW television throughout the majority of 2022.

He was last seen on TV at All Out when he teamed up with Sting and Darby Allin to beat The House of Black. Twitter user @JustAlyxCentral recently pointed out that the former WWE star hasn't been featured on Dynamite and has been off TV for 20-22 weeks.

Reacting to the same tweet, wrestling fans claimed that Miro has been wasted by two major companies, including WWE. One Twitter user believes that a feud between the former TNT Champion and the new AEW World Champion, MJF, should be considered down the road.

Check out the Twitter reactions from fans:

@Riley87Js @JustAlyxCentral His Wife CJ Perry said that is not the case less then a month ago, she said TK has his favorites and Miro isn't one of them.
@JustAlyxCentral Pattern of tk booking for Miro, he doesn’t know what he is doing
@JustAlyxCentral legitimately asking (haven't been keeping up with the news) where tf is Miro at???
@JustAlyxCentral And WWE was the problem…🤔😟
@JustAlyxCentral This guy has been wasted by 2 companies now
@JustAlyxCentral Why wouldn't you book him in a world title tournament I mean him versus mjf sign me up
@JustAlyxCentral And yet tony claims it’s hard to find space to fit miro on tv….. yet found 6 c 15 minutes matches for the elite over the next 8 weeks for the elite
@JustAlyxCentral And people said that WWE was using him bad.
Why would such a talented professional wrestler be on the shelf? Meanwhile, Jeff Jarrett is back wrestling on Pay-Per-View.…
It's almost as if the good wrestlers are purposely left off TV.…

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Jim Cornette believes that Miro would benefit from leaving AEW and going back to WWE

Jim Cornette recently suggested that Miro would benefit from returning to WWE. Speaking on a recent edition of The Jim Cornette Experience, he questioned if the former United States Champion was still signed to Tony Khan's promotion.

Cornette added how Miro was pushed as an "a**-kicking beast" but eventually disappeared:

"Is Miro still in AEW? Soon as he straightened up and became an A*s-kicking beast he disappeared."

Cornette also noted that while Miro would benefit from a move to WWE under Triple H, he wouldn't be able to establish his place as a top star:

"He would work in the WWE, wouldn't be a top guy, but he would work."

Miro is a former TNT Champion. He recovered from a hamstring injury to make his return to in-ring action earlier in the year and also faced Johnny Elite (John Morrison) in a singles match on Dynamite back in June.

The 36-year-old was also involved in the historic AEW x NJPW: Forbidden Door pay-per-view. He challenged for the All Atlantic Championship, attempting to become the inaugural champion in a four-way match that also involved Malakai Black, Clark Connors, and eventual winner PAC.

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