"This is not your spot" - Disco Inferno claims recent signing looked out of place on AEW Dynamite

Disco Inferno (left), AEW Dynamite (right)
Disco Inferno (left), AEW Dynamite (right)

Wrestling veteran Disco Inferno had some harsh words for a recent AEW signee , who came to the rescue of Bryan Danielson on Dynamite.

The star in question is Konosuke Takeshita.

Takeshita was signed to Tony Khan's roster in November last year. On this week's edition of Dynamite, he came to the rescue of Brayn Danielson while the latter was receiving a beatdown from Brian Cage and MJF. Konosuke's forearm chops were enough to drive away the attackers, thereby ending the segment.

The 27-year-old's chops have previously been criticized by veteran Ric Flair. Speaking on this week's Keepin' it 100 episode, Disco Inferno also weighed in on the matter:

"If Ric Flair is giving you criticism you take it, which is what Takeshita did. He took the criticism stuff. But of course AEW fans gotta bury him and something." [From 34:39 to 34:38]

Disco further spoke about Bryan Danielson's post-match segment, where Takeshita ran in for the rescue:

"This is a run-in. You don't throw legal forearms, you are not going to get disqualified. If you don't know how to throw punches and fight to help a guy that's getting beat up two on one, this is not your spot." [From 34:42 - 34:54)

Ric Flair's criticism of the AEW star was disputed by a WWE veteran

While Takeshita himself responded graciously to his own criticism, WWE veteran Don Callis had a different response.

Ric Flair's criticism of Takeshita's chops was perceived by many fans as being unfair. However, many were impressed by the latter's humble response, as he took the criticism in his stride and even asked Flair to teach him.

Takeshita's comments prompted Don Callis to take a bold stance, claiming that the young star was already better than Ric Flair.

"You're already better than him kid," Don Callis tweeted.
@Takesoup You're already better than him kid.

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Konosuke Takeshita in AEW.

Who would you like Takeshita to face in the future? Sound off in the comments section below!

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