"TK you a real one" - Twitter reacts as Tony Khan officially confirms Mark Briscoe's debut on AEW Dynamite

Tony Khan (left), Mark Briscoe (Right)
Tony Khan (left), Mark Briscoe (Right)

Tony Khan's recent announcement of a tribute match to Jay Briscoe has resulted in the Twitterverse heavily praising him.

Jay Briscoe's untimely demise has caused ripples in the community over the last few days. A number of stars across multiple Promotions paid their tributes to the ROH legend, remembering him for his outstanding contribution to pro-wrestling.

While many expected AEW to pay tribute to Jay on live TV, the Jacksonville-based Promotion was apparently banned by Warner Bros Discovery Inc. media from doing so. This led to widespread outrage from fans. However, it seems that Tony Khan has managed to find a way to pay his respects to the ROH legend.

In a recent tweet, the All Elite president announced that Mark Briscoe would be squaring off against Jay Lethal in a singles match. The bout is scheduled for the next Dynamite episode this Wednesday, which coincides with Jay Briscoe's 39th birthday.

Tomorrow 1/25Lexington KYLive on TBS8pm ET/7pm CTWednesday Night #AEWDynamiteMark Briscoe vs Jay LethalRequested by both men to celebrate the life + legacy of the late greatJay Briscoe on his 39th birthday,his longtime friend/rival Jay Lethal vs his brother Mark Briscoe

As expected, this resulted in fans reacting to the announcement positively. Many Twitter users praised Khan for adhering to the wishes of the community.

@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor Going to be an emotional show, very happy we get to celebrate the life and legacy of Jay Briscoe
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor Thank you for making this happen, Tony. Sending warm thoughts to Mark.
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor All the best to Mark. Can’t imagine how difficult it must be for him to get back on the ring.
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor This was the right decision Thank you Tony ❤️ Thank you WBD you did the right thing
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor Amazing job getting Mark on AEW. Happy to see it!
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor That is very cool. I wish nothing but the best for Mark Briscoe. I can't even fathom what he's gone through this past week.
@TonyKhan @WRESTLEZONEcom @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor Thank you, TK, for making this happen. S/O @TheLethalJay for being apart of it. Hopefully, despite the unspeakable tragedy, this gives Jay's family a brief moment to smile.
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor Cannot believe this is really happening for them. This is going to be a special match.
@TonyKhan @TheLethalJay @TBSNetwork @AEW @AEWonTV @ringofhonor Thank you for doing whatever you had to do to get something on television. I know the network was pushing you away from doing things, but I am grateful for your persistence in remembering Jay.

With the match expected to be a heartfelt tribute to Jay Brisoce, fans will have to stay tuned to see what happens this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Are you happy to see Tony Khan pulling through and booking a match between Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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