"What he says is very fair" - Tony Khan gets honest about former WWE personality's harsh criticism of AEW product

Tony Khan is the president of AEW
Tony Khan is the president of AEW

Tony Khan recently opened up about Jim Cornette's harsh criticism of the AEW product. The company's president believes that the wrestling veteran is sometimes fair in his critique.

Jim Cornette has seemingly been one of AEW's most vocal critics ever since the inception of the promotion in 2019. The veteran has never minced words about the AEW product through his podcasts and social media platforms. While many pro-wrestling fans vehemently oppose his style of criticism, others feel his opinions hold merit.

During the ROH Death Before Dishonor post-show media scrum, the AEW President shared his thoughts on the legendary manager in a positive light.

Here's what Mr. Khan had to say:

"Just as also some of the other vocal critics of AEW, including Jim Cornette. One of the more vocal critics, but at times also a lot of what he says is very fair. I appreciate the positive stuff," said Khan. (H/T: WhatCulture)
“He has been very fair recently with the stuff he said and I think that’s great.I really admire him and have looked up to him since I was a small kid.”- Tony Khan on Jim Cornette

Tony Khan believes Jim Cornette has an intelligent wrestling mind

Jim Cornette has never shied away from harsh jibes at some of the company's high-profile names, such as Kenny Omega and Adam Cole.

The 60-year-old has often hurled verbals at Tony Khan for his bookings and decisions. However, it's worth noting that he has sometimes lauded the company, particularly for its elite performers such as MJF and Bryan Danielson.

Mr. Khan earlier spoke to Inside The Ropes, where he credited the industry veteran for his wrestling intellect and fan-following:

"If it was someone whose opinion I didn’t value, I probably wouldn’t put much stock into it. But he [Cornette] is a very intelligent wrestling mind and he has a lot of fans too," said Khan.

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Nice to see what @TheJimCornette has been saying all along finally said on @AEW #Dynamite courtesy of one @bryandanielson.

The Fulham F.C. boss wasn't short on expressing his appreciation for Jim Cornette's legacy in the pro-wrestling world. It would be interesting to see if the latter responds.

What's your take on Jim Cornette's criticism of AEW programming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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