"Nobody's buying a ticket to see him" - WWE veteran wants Tony Khan to make an example out of a top AEW star after another backstage tussle

Should Khan take a firmer approach to his roster?
Should Khan take a firmer approach to his roster?

Tony Khan is currently facing a ton of internal issues with the latest AEW backstage brawl putting his leadership into question. A WWE veteran recently gave Khan some brutal advice on handling it.

By now, many fans are likely aware of the recent backstage altercation between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara. The two initially had a public back-and-forth via Twitter, but the disagreement quickly came to blows this past Wednesday on Dynamite. In the aftermath, Tony Khan sent Andrade home while Guevara main event the program.

During the most recent Jim Cornette's Drive Thru, the former wrestling manager claimed that Andrade doesn't bring much to AEW:

"I’d just leave him home, but I’d pay him because whether he shows up or doesn’t, whether he’s on television or not, it’s not going to impact their business one iota. Nobody’s buying a ticket to see him, nobody’s turning tickets back in because he’s not there," Cornette claimed. (01:05 onward).

Cornette continued, warning Tony Khan that his actions will set the standard for AEW going forward:

"If you fire him, then you’ve set a precedent where anybody can do something to f**king get fired. At this point, Tony’s got to realize he’s been taken on a lot of these guys." (01:31 onward).

According to a recent report, it wasn't Sammy Guevara who initiated the fight, but Andrade El Idolo.

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Jim Cornette believes that Tony Khan should simply send unhappy stars away to be forgotten

While Tony Khan may be taking a more patient approach to the controversy, Jim Cornette believes the AEW President should be more hands-on and solve the problem before it breeds more issues.

During the same podcast, Cornette suggested that Tony Khan needs to put his foot down for the sake of locker room unity:

"If guys are specifically trying to get fired, if Tony wants to stop that he has to set the precedent that you might get paid but you will be in the federal witness protection system. If I’ve got you for long enough, people will forget you ever existed." (03:48 onward)

It remains to be seen how Khan will handle the issues between Andrade and the other rumored stars who are unhappy in AEW. Unfortunately, in the meantime, fans and the rest of the roster might just suffer due to an unhappy few.

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