Tony Khan will make a huge offer to ex-WWE star, says veteran; it could be double of Mercedes Mone's salary

Tony Khan might sign a female former WWE wrestler double of what he paid Mercedes Mone, feels one ex-WWE writer [Image Credits: AEW YouTube}
Tony Khan (left), Mercedes Mone (right) [Image credits: AEW on YouTube}

In March 2024, Tony Khan signed Mercedes Mone to AEW, reportedly making the latter one of the highest-paid female pro wrestlers in the business. Former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. thinks that All Elite Wrestling's CEO may end up offering a lucrative contract to a top free agent.

The ex-WWE star in question is Becky Lynch. She signed with the global juggernaut in 2013 and has since become a seven-time Women's Champion, a Women's Grand Slam Champion, and a Women's Triple Crown Champion. Lynch's deal with the company recently expired, and there has been no significant update on whether she will return in the future.

On his Wrestling with Freddie podcast, the former WWE writer said he thought Adam Copeland (fka Edge) would not leave the global juggernaut because of his loyalty to the organization. The Rated-R Superstar shockingly signed with the Tony Khan-led promotion last year. Hence, Prinze Jr. believed Lynch inking a deal with All Elite Wrestling wasn't out of the question.

"This is crazy to me that her contract is up and she's a free agent. Now I'll say this, she's not going anywhere, but, well, I said this about Edge too, or Adam Copeland. I was like, 'Oh, he's a WWE guy for life he's not going anywhere, and he bounced. But I just can't (...) she's so much younger than Copeland. Sorry, old man."

Prinze Jr. further speculated that Khan could offer Lynch a bigger contract than he did to Mone.

"I think she has so many years left (...) I think Lynch has 10 years of stories so it's strange that she's a free agent. It's very strange. I'll say this, Tony Khan is gonna make a huge offer to her. Whatever he offered Mercedes Mone, it's gonna be double that," he added. [H/T: WrestlingInc.]

If The Man signs a deal with AEW, she will likely reunite with many of her former WWE colleagues like Toni Storm, Saraya, Mercedes Mone, and Ruby Soho.

Matt Morgan doesn't think Becky Lynch will sign with the Tony Khan-led AEW

Over the past several years, Becky Lynch has established herself as one of the top female pro wrestlers. Hence, many up-and-coming names, including AEW's Tay Melo, look forward to potentially facing her inside the ring. However, former WWE star Matt Morgan doesn't think Lynch will join the Tony Khan-led company.

On a recent edition of the Gigantic Pop podcast, Morgan said Lynch might pursue an acting career and explore other external opportunities before returning to WWE.

"I don't think she's going back to wrestling until it's WWE. I think if she goes anywhere, she goes to do some more stuff in Hollywood, acting, maybe her book tour, things like that if I had to guess. She's not going to AEW, guys. No way! I don't see it." [From 8:10 to 28:25]

Lynch dropped the Women's World Championship to Liv Morgan in a hard-fought match at King and Queen of the Ring 2024. She later challenged The Miracle Kid for the gold in a Steel Cage Match on Monday Night RAW, where she lost.

Becky Lynch has worked on some notable Hollywood projects like Vikings, The Marine Six: Close Quarters, and Young Rock. It remains to be seen whether she will move to the entertainment world amid her WWE absence.

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