Tay Melo addresses the possibility of Becky Lynch joining AEW after WWE exit

Becky Lynch (left) and Tay Melo (right)
Becky Lynch (left) and Tay Melo (right) [Image credits: WWE and Tay Melo]

Tay Melo has addressed Becky Lynch's potential to join AEW, which adds more fuel to the fire. The Man left WWE after her contract expired, and she is currently a free agent.

There have been many rumors and reports that she could move to AEW. Some analysts have said that it would be great for her, given the matches she could have with Mercedes Mone and Toni Storm.

Now, Tay Melo answered a fan’s question about Becky Lynch joining AEW on Twitter. She responded that the former WWE star is an inspiration and that she would love to fight her one day.

“👀 She is such an inspiration, got back after pregnancy and showed everyone you can be a mom & have a successful career.. and I would LOVE to wrestle her,” Melo wrote.

Becky Lynch could go to Hollywood, according to Matt Morgan

Former WWE star Matt Morgan claimed that Becky Lynch could end up going to Hollywood after her WWE contract expiration.

He said that she would not join AEW and that WWE was the only place for her in wrestling. He was speaking on the Gigantic Pop podcast when he said:

"I don't think she's going back to wrestling until it's WWE. I think if she goes anywhere, she goes to do some more stuff in Hollywood, acting, maybe her book tour, things like that if I had to guess. She's not going to AEW guys, no way. I don't see it."

If that is the case, then she will definitely return to WWE and continue her legacy in the same company where her husband, Seth Rollins, is one of the top stars.

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