Top AEW star recalls how he learned of Jay Briscoe's passing

Jay Briscoe passed away at the age of 38
Jay Briscoe passed away at the age of 38

AEW star Dax Harwood recently revealed details about the moment he learned Jay Briscoe had passed away.

Briscoe's death was a shock to the wrestling world. He was one-half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions with his brother Mark. He died in a car accident on January 17, and his daughters, Gracie and Jayleigh, were also injured.

At the Final Battle pay-per-view, former AEW tag team champions FTR and The Briscoe Brothers faced off in a Double Dog Collar match for the ROH World Tag Team Titles. The latter duo won the bout, regaining their titles from the champions.

On an episode of FTR with Dax, the AEW star revealed who informed him about the tragic event.

Dax Harwood said he received a phone call from Tony Schiavone while he was playing a board game, informing him of Jay Briscoe's death in a car accident:

"We were playing some board game, and I got a phone call from Tony Schiavone, I picked it up, and he said, 'Hey Dax, I have some bad news for you.' He said, 'We tried to call your partner, and we couldn't get an answer, so you're the first person we've told because we know how close you guys are, but [Jay Briscoe] died in a car accident,'" Harwood said.(H/T - Wrestling INC)
When the Briscoes and FTR met for the first time it was in the ring.. in this moment.

Dax Harwood said upon hearing the news of Jay Briscoe's passing, he couldn't believe it. He called his tag team partner Cash Wheeler, and both of them cried.

AEW wrestler shows support for Jay Briscoe's family with a heartfelt gesture

AEW's Dax Harwood extended condolences and support to Jay Briscoe's family following the ROH Tag Team Champion's passing.

Dax Harwood recently supported the idea of creating enamel pins for Briscoe's Dog Collar match against FTR, as suggested by a Twitter user.

"You make them, I'll buy every single one of them and we'll give the money to his family," Hardwood wrote.
You make them, I’ll buy every single one of them and we’ll give the money to his family.…

In 2022, FTR and The Briscoes' battle for the Tag Team Championship reached its climax, with all three of their matches at ROH pay-per-views being deemed among the greatest tag team contests ever.

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