"A complete failure" - Twitterati goes berserk over who's the best wrestler between WWE Superstar Mandy Rose and top female AEW star

Mandy Rose was recently compared to a wrestler from Tony Khan
Mandy Rose was recently compared to a wrestler from Tony Khan's roster

WWE Mandy Rose has recently been a hot topic of conversation, as she was compared to former AEW Women's Champion, Britt Baker.

Mandy Rose has had a good run as of late, coming up as the victor against multiple stars like Nikkita Lyons, Fallon Henley, Zoey Stark, and so on. She is currently the NXT Women's Champion, showcasing some great performances over the last few months.

On the other side, Britt Baker has consistently proven to be one of the best wrestlers in AEW. Bagging the Women's World Title on May 30, 2021, at Double Or Nothing, she effectively became the face of the AEW Women's division. Even after losing the title to Thunder Rosa later on, she is still prominently featured on TV.

Considering both the stars' accomplishments and skills, Twitter users are seemingly locked in a fierce battle of words to decide which one is better overall.

A number of fans believe that Britt Baker is the better among the two wrestlers.

@JobberNationTV Britt is better than Mandy in ring and even on the mic Britt is better sorry but I love Mandy since she is in NXT but this is CAP stop being biassed towards WWE
@JobberNationTV I like mandy but Britt is better than mandy in my opinion.
@JobberNationTV Mandy is development fodder according to hhh. a complete failure.
@JobberNationTV Mandy Rose wishes she had Dr. Baker's mic skills.

A few fans were also neutral in their approach.

@JobberNationTV Two completely different vibes. Mandy is totally a hot Insta model who's two years from making an Onlyfans and Britt is the mean honetown girl in every Reese Witherspoon movie. Both are perfectly fine in their unique roles.

However, the majority of the comments sided with Mandy Rose.

@JobberNationTV That’s why she constantly has to blade to stay relevant in AEW
@JobberNationTV Britt Baker is so overrated. Then again, she's still learning and getting better. But she isn't very good right now.
@JobberNationTV Shh you'll angry the aew stans. But truth
@mike_atlantic Mandy has always been better than Britt
@AdamGoldberg28 @supermohsenaew @WWENXT Nah mate, that's cap sorry. Mandy>> Britt

As of now, both the stars are having a great run at their respective promotions. It remains to be seen if the opinion of the fans will change in the future.

Britt Baker has been vocal about a former WWE Divas Champion's recent entry into AEW

While Saraya's (fka Paige) debut has made headlines recently in the wrestling world, Britt Baker has been decidedly displeased at the new recruit.

Addressing the former WWE star, Baker issued a stern warning after the Dynamite episode ended last week.

"I'm good. Most importantly, we [alluding to Jamie Hayter] are good. We've been through the good, the bad and the ugly together and we came out on top. I originally brought Jamie to AEW to protect me but now, she is my best friend and I need her just as much as she needs me. We're a team, we're a unit and this is our house, Saraya. So I don't know where you came from and where do you think you're going from here but you might as well turn around right now because there's no room for you here in AEW," said Baker.
Leftover pictures of Britt Baker and Saraya. #AEWDynamite

It remains to be seen whether Saraya and Baker will clash in the ring sometime in the future.

Do you think Mandy Rose is better than Britt Baker? Sound off in the comments below!

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