"Majority of them loved HHH" - Twitterverse theorizes a possible WWE return for top AEW star after high-stakes match on Rampage

Fans want this AEW star to return to WWE under Triple H
Fans want this AEW star to return to WWE under Triple H's regime.

Wrestling fans on Twitter shared their speculations that AEW star Andrade El Idolo might possibly return to WWE following his upcoming high-profile match on Rampage.

Andrade will collide with The Dark Order member 10 (Preston Vance) on October 7 in Washington, DC. El Idolo has been courting 10 over the past few weeks to join his La Faccion Ingobernable/Andrade Family Office.

If the former WWE Superstar wins the high-stakes bout, The Dark Order member will have to unmask. On the other hand, if Andrade loses, he must leave AEW forever.

Next Friday, October 7, 2022The 2 Year Anniversary ofMr. @ThisBrodieLee’s Last Match:@Pres10Vance vs @AndradeElIdoloIf Andrade wins, 10 gives up the mask given to him by Mr. Brodie Lee.If 10 wins, Andrade el Idolo will leave @AEW forever.Next Friday LIVE on #AEWRampage!

The Twitterverse shared their thoughts on the upcoming bout, with some having different speculations.

Check out the reactions below:

A fan claimed that Andrade might purposely lose his match to 10 so that he could easily leave AEW.

@ThisIsNasty he could loose on purpose lol

One user opined that if El Idolo gets defeated, he should return to the WWE Royal Rumble next year.

@ThisIsNasty Good clears the path for him to return home maybe a Rumble surprise

Another user felt bad for the former WWE United States Champion and that his current company should just let him go.

@ThisIsNasty I felt bad on Andre Oleoleo, can just free him

To which, a fan responded by saying that Andrade wanted out of the Stamford-based promotion in the first place and that he wouldn't go anywhere at this point.

@iamdwayne514 @ThisIsNasty The man has to work somewhere. He wanted out of WWE. He's getting more TV time than he ever did in WWE. He's not going anywhere, unless it's Ring Of Honor.

Meanwhile, various users believed that El Idolo could return to WWE under Triple H's watch.

@ThisIsNasty Dude vast majority of these dudes were FIRED by WWE and AEW gave them a guaranteed paycheck.
@PAperson27 @ThisIsNasty Fired by the majority of them loved HHH...that's why you see them coming back...
@ThisIsNasty 🤣🤣 yes man... He is coming to papa H. Back

Another user wondered why AEW stars would be jealous of Andrade possibly leaving the company. The netizen added that WWE might not be able to accommodate some of them should they return.

@ThisIsNasty Why would they be jealous? Of having no job? You think WWE has space for all of them? And if so you think they're jealous of working more every week for the same money?

Lastly, a couple of fans opined that Charlotte Flair, Andrade's wife, might be the deciding factor in the latter's fate.

@ThisIsNasty You don’t think Charlotte going to leave the WWE now do you
@Golflover59 @ThisIsNasty Good lord no, she a big reason he wants to go back to the Fed

Andrade has seemingly expressed his unhappiness with AEW over the lack of matches. He also liked and shared tweets from fans who called out the company for utilizing him heavily.

Since then, El Idolo's name has been linked to stars who could potentially return to the Stamford-based promotion.

A former WWE personality wasn't interested in Andrade El Idolo's high-stakes match in AEW

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell wasn't down to the upcoming high-profile match between Andrade El Idolo and Dark Order's 10 on AEW Rampage next Friday in Washington, DC.

He also criticized the backstage segment between the two and that when The Firm (Stokely Hathaway and Ethan Page) entered the scene, he was confused even further.

"It disinterested me, I don’t know if that’s even a word, but if I was interested before I’m disinterested now. And remember I’ve actually... I guess I would say complained, but the interviews are not long enough at all, I can’t even get into it. Anyway, I didn’t like it."
If @AndradeElIdolo wins, 10 must take off his mask. If @Pres10Vance wins, Andrade El Idolo must leave #AEW for good! Tune in THIS FRIDAY at #AEWRampage LIVE from Washington, DC at 10pm ET/9pm CT on @tntdrama! 🎟

It would be interesting to see what could possibly happen in the match-up between Andrade and 10 as the stakes are high.

Fans will have to watch AEW Rampage to determine who will prevail between the two, with Andrade's employment and 10's identity being put on the line.

Who do you think will win between Andrade El Idolo and 10 on AEW Rampage? Sound off in the comments section below.

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