Wardlow names former WWE Champion his 'Wrestler of the Year' in 2022 (Exclusive)

Wardlow had some interesting things to say this week
Wardlow had some interesting things to say this week

Former TNT Champion Wardlow is seemingly convinced that a former WWE Champion deserves to be the 2022 'Wrestler of the Year.'

The AEW roster is quite stacked with a large number of proficient stars and established veterans. While not everyone gets to be on TV frequently, a section of the lineup has managed to make an impact in the pro-wrestling scene with their talent. Some of the biggest names in the Promotion are Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, and MJF.

Despite the spectacular talent in the Jacksonville-based brand, Wardlow apparently didn't have much hesitation in picking his choice for the 2022 'Wrestler of the Year,' during an in interview with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling.

"Ooh man, probably... I don't know. I love Bryan Danielson, he's my favorite wrestler so..." (6:45 onwards)

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Wardlow also praised two other former WWE stars

While Bryan Danielson is clearly a revered star for Mr. Mayhem, the former TNT Champion is also quite appreciative of Saraya and Toni Storm.

Speaking in the same interview with Bill Apter, Wardlow was asked about his thoughts on two members of the Outcasts. He heaped praise on both the former WWE Superstars.

"I am a big fan. Very happy to have her [Saraya] on the roster. She brings a presence to the company. Obviously very well-known. She is a very cool girl. I am just a big fan and I think she will help us do big things (...) Everything I just said about Saraya, you could say about Toni Storm. Big fan, she has a great presence. They are both athletic, they are both bad as* chicks, and they are both gonna do huge things." (04:41 onwards)

As of now, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the two former WWE talents in AEW.

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