WATCH: Jay Briscoe honored on Being The Elite

Jay Briscoe majorly contributed to ROH for nearly two-decades
Jay Briscoe majorly contributed to ROH for nearly two-decades

Tributes for Jay Briscoe have been pouring in since news of his untimely passing broke. The ROH legend played a prominent role as a friend and mentor to many current stars. On the most recent edition of Being The Elite, the AEW EVPs shared a heartfelt tribute to their close friend.

Last week, Tony Khan and the AEW management secured permission from their parent media company, Warner Brothers Discovery, for Mark Briscoe to compete in the promotion. Over the past few years, Khan had been persistent in his efforts to sign The Briscoe Brothers to the promotion but to no avail.

While many notable talents such as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Seth Rollins commenced their wrestling careers at Ring of Honor, they remained close friends with the wrestling legends. Jay Briscoe was laid to rest on January 29th with close family and friends in attendance.

The latest edition of Being The Elite titled 'Reach for the sky, boy' showcased backstage clips of the stars during the Dynamite tribute show.

Check out the entire video below:


IMPACT Wrestling star Frankie Kazarian recalled working with Jay Briscoe

The Briscoe Brothers competed in IMPACT Wrestling and dominated the tag team division. They competed in their last tag team match against FTR, winning their 13th ROH Tag Team Championship in the process.

During a recent Sportskeeda Exclusive, Frankie Kazarian reflected on his experience working with the brothers and their helpful nature backstage:

"Every match I had with those guys was if not good, great. And it wasn’t because of me, it was because of those guys... The way they evolved and how much success they had in… all of that is trumped by the fact that they were such good human beings. Such good-natured, lovely human beings."

One of Briscoe's daughters had to undergo crucial surgery as shared via an update by his wife on social media. Tony Khan made quite an effort to ensure that Jay Briscoe's legacy was acknowledged via the Dynamite tribute show last week with Mark Briscoe main eventing against Jay Lethal.

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