"This is a dweeb" โ€“ WCW veteran compares his run as a heel to Tony Khan's potential on-screen role in AEW (Exclusive)

This former WCW veteran compared his TV stint to Tony Khan's potential appearance in AEW.
This former WCW veteran compared his TV stint to Tony Khan's potential appearance in AEW.
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Vince Russo recently recalled his heel run in WCW, comparing it to Tony Khan's potential on-screen appearance in AEW.

After a seven-year WWE writing career, Vince Russo signed with WCW in 1999. During his stint there, Russo was involved in storylines like feuding with Ric Flair while teaming up with the latter's son, David. His most controversial moment came when Russo won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on the September 25, 2000, episode of Nitro against Booker T in a Steel Cage Match.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling's Writing with Russo, the former WWE writer said he hated his TV run in WCW because of the pressure. He added that during his WCW run, people wanted to see him destroyed and bragged about resorting to dirty tactics:

"First of all, bro, I'm a New Yorker, I'm a New Yorker and people hate New Yorkers. You know people looked at me as being arrogant and conceited and, like, bro, people wanted to beat me up so you had that... you'd want to see me get the crap beat out of me. Second of all, bro, like, let's be honest, I'm not a small guy, you know what I'm saying? I mean... I'm a pretty big dude so if I'm in there with somebody and, like, 'Oh man if Russo lands a lucky punch' .... and plus, you know, I'd be dirty. I'd kick in the groin, like, whatever it took coming from New York." (from 9:22 to 10:02)

The former WCW writer then poked fun at the potential on-screen stint of AEW President:

"This [Khan] is a dweeb, like, this is a.... like, what could he... so what, bro, he's gonna bring somebody in to wrestle for him and his... I don't know bro. From what I've seen, I don't think they've really thought through the end game because what could the end game possible be?" (from 10:03 to 10:25)

Check out the clips from this episode:


Vince Russo called AEW President Tony Khan a "clown"

During the same episode, Vince Russo wasn't too excited about Tony Khan being an on-screen personality. The former WCW writer even called the AEW President a "clown."

At the Double or Nothing media scrum, somebody asked CM Punk and Tony Khan about Eric Bischoff's comment about him being a big financial flop. Needless to say, Tony got a little fired up... #AEWDoN

Khan currently has a well-documented difference with MJF, with the latter cutting a scathing promo last week on Dynamite. It remains to be seen if it turns into an angle with the President possibly playing heel or face, depending on the storyline.

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