"We were kind of sworn to secrecy" - Kenny Omega details the tension in AEW after backstage scuffle with CM Punk

Kenny Omega has opened up about the Brawl Out incident with CM Punk
Kenny Omega has opened up about the Brawl Out incident with CM Punk

Former AEW World Champions Kenny Omega and CM Punk were the talk of the town in September 2022 after the "Brawl Out" incident, with Omega recently opening up about the tension backstage following the altercation.

Punk infamously ranted about The Elite during the All Out post-show media scrum, claiming that they "couldn't manage a Target" and that if they wanted a word with him, his door was always open.

Shortly after, it was reported that the two parties came together to not only have words, but some physical shots at each other as well, with rumors of people being knocked out, arms being bitten, and Punk's dog Larry getting hurt in the process.

Backstage morale in AEW was at an all-time low following the incident, and speaking to Renee Paquette on her podcast, The Sessions, Kenny Omega admitted that the fact that all parties involved weren't allowed to say anything made things worse.

"There was a while when—and I can understand the confusions, it’s sort of like ‘hey we know this thing happened, we heard this thing happened, it’s all over the dirt sheets, why don’t we know what happened?’ It’s like we [The Elite] were gone and we were kind of sworn to secrecy, we can’t say anything legally, so that was the poopy part where it’s like ‘well why can’t anyone tell us what’s happening?’ And then you’re forced to form your own opinion, or come up with your own theory as to what exactly happened,” said Kenny Omega. [42:41 - 43:09]

Omega elaborated by saying that due to the silence from everyone involved, people's theories about everything grew wildly out of control.

“Of course, especially when it’s like ‘well I’m more of a fan of one person than the other, so here’s the way I’m going to create a story so that it puts this person in the best possible light. It might be that, chances are it’s something else or it might be a combination of various theories, and we might never get to speak about it. But what’s important was no one got seriously injured emerging from that and I’m so thankful from that, and we’ve moved on with life. I am completely fine, it doesn’t dictate what I do, what I say, I’m sure The [Young] Bucks are in the same boat. I can’t speak to the other parties, hopefully they are doing well and I mean that, that’s it,” said Kenny Omega. [43:13 - 44:02]

Kenny Omega also admitted that no one is happy that "Brawl Out" happened

It's crazy to think that in a year when Vince McMahon both wrestled a match and retired, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out of retirement, and Cody Rhodes left the company he helped build to join the competition, a backstage fight between The Elite and CM Punk was arguably what got people talking the most.

With that in mind, Kenny Omega admitted that not only is it a shame that people may never know the whole story of what happened, but also that no one is pleased with how everything went down.

“It’s a shame that the general public and a lot of people aren’t ever going to know what went down and how it could have been prevented, or how it could have ended differently, that’s just sort of how things go. Again, I don’t think anyone is happy that it happened, or is proud that it happened or anything like that. I think across the board everyone thinks it was a terrible situation that was unnecessary,” said Kenny Omega. [42:06 - 42:31]

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