"When you order Brock Lesnar on wish" - Wrestling fans go nuts after rising AEW star continues his singles winning streak in a dominating fashion

Brock Lesnar has been a human wrecking ball in pro wrestling for decades!
Brock Lesnar has been a human wrecking ball in pro wrestling for decades!

Wrestling fans on Twitter have poked fun at AEW star Parker Boudreaux and downplayed comparisons with WWE legend Brock Lesnar following his recent match.

The 24-year-old has been dubbed "The Next Big Thing" and "The Next Brock Lesnar" since making the crossover from football to pro wrestling last year.

His sheer power and mannerism bore a striking resemblance to The Beast Incarnate, which is something Paul Heyman has also endorsed.

However, Boudreaux was bogged down by high expectations in his rookie year, and his WWE career didn't take off as everyone initially envisioned.

The former UCF football star is looking to make a career renaissance in AEW after being shown exit doors by the sports entertainment juggernaut.

As a member of a newly formed stable called The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari, Slim J, and Sonny Kiss), he is steadily rising through the ranks by obliterating every up-and-coming star on AEW Dark and Elevation.

Parker Boudreaux recently squashed Terry Kid on the latest episode of Dark and continued his four-match singles winning streak.

But the Twitterverse quipped that the rising star has been slogging to become Brock Lesnar's wannabe but has yet to make the mark.

Others jested that Boudreaux doesn't appear to be as intimidating as Lesnar and instead looks like a mid-carder

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below:

@AEW When you order Brock Lesnar on wish lol
@AEW @TheParkerB_ why they called him next brock?? they are very different he is very unique
@AEW @TheParkerB_ Looks like MJF cosplaying Lesnar.
@AEW @TheParkerB_ Trying so hard to be Brock... Cringe
@AEW @TheParkerB_ That music sucks. His moves suck.
@AEW @TheParkerB_ He can be the next Brock Lesnar because he looks like him alot.
@AEW @TheParkerB_ He thinks he's the guy😭😭😭😭son you are NOT Intimidating
@AEW @TheParkerB_ is this guy trying to be Brock? I'm confused
@AEW @TheParkerB_ There’s nothing there. No IT factor. Mid card lifer.
@AEW @TheParkerB_ Wish brock, just not as big as he acts.

What did AEW star Parker Boudreaux have to say about his comparisons with WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar?

While some sections of fans have pictured Parker Boudreaux as "The Next Brock Lesnar," the AEW star has steered clear of the fans' comparisons.

The 24-year-old vowed to create his own identity in the business and affirmed on Twitter that he's not the next Lesnar but the first Parker Boudreaux:

"I’m not the next Lesnar. I’m the first Parker Boudreaux."
I’m not the next Lesnar. I’m the first Parker Boudreaux😈 #staywoke

Boudreaux still has a long way to go before cementing his legacy in the same books as Lesnar.

Despite showing all the credentials to become a future cornerstone, the rising star needs a much-needed rub from fellow AEW veterans to put his career on the map.

Do you think Parker Boudreaux is the next big thing in pro wrestling? Sound off in the comment section below.

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