"Why are you doing this" - Wrestling veteran slams AEW for allegedly burying Brian Cage for surprising reason

Brian Cage last competed on AEW TV a year ago
Brian Cage last competed on AEW TV a year ago

Brian Cage has been a big part of Tony Khan's Ring of Honor promotion. However, it has been quite some time since he appeared on AEW programming.

Speaking on a recent edition of Keepin' It 100, Konnan gave his take on Cage's absence and the possibility of TNT forcing AEW to keep the 38-year-old star off television.

Legit cinematic match(actually cinematic)

The former FTW Champion's last match on AEW TV was against Ricky Starks. The two stars were previously part of the Team Taz faction alongside Powerhouse Hobbs and HOOK.

Konnan recently explained if Cage's absence had anything to do with his comments on the Dark Side of The Ring episode based on Chris Kanyon.

"Man, what's the big deal? You know a guy for all these years and then you find out he's gay and you're like, 'What the f**k?' and that's number one. Number two, like you said they were great friends, he looked up to him and he patterned his style after him and you know, you're gonna keep a talent like that off of TV because of this? And again, it goes back to all this political correctness where other people are offended for us, you know, is there an outpouring of people saying, 'Hey, don't have Brian Cage on the show'? So why are you doing this?" said Konnan [0:58-1:29]

Konnan recently explained if Brian Cage's absence has got anything to do with his wife Melissa Santos

Brian Cage's wife Melissa Santos has been quite vocal regarding her husband on social media.

Speaking previously on Keepin' It 100, Konnan explained if Cage's wife's comments on Twitter had anything to do with his push. He said:

"I think it’s because of his wife getting on f**king Twitter and bashing the company and them telling him ‘hey control her’ and he didn’t or he couldn’t and I think that got him heat.”
One of my all time favorite

Konan further explained why he thought it was a double standard move. The WCW veteran added:

“It is a double-standard, but double-standards, and as Arn Anderson so beautifully said ‘triple-standards are always invoked.’ Just like that plane ride from hell [episode of Dark Side of the Ring], why didn’t they do anything to Ric Flair? Because Jim Ross said on the thing, ‘he’s a made guy.’ There are double standards, and Brian Cage is a victim of it, and the guy’s a f**king star, a stud, people like him he’s over and it’s a shame they don’t use him right."

Cage is currently part of the Embassy faction. The group recently recruited a new manager in the form of Prince Nana.

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