"Sounds like a great idea" - WWE legend explains if MJF could become AEW World Champion after controversial promo

Will MJF return to AEW in the near future?
Will MJF return to AEW in the near future?
Soumik Datta

Booker T has given his take on Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF, possibly winning the AEW World Championship.

A few weeks ago on Dynamite, MJF addressed his absence at a meet-and-greet before Double or Nothing. The Salt of the Earth took shots at Tony Khan and demanded to be fired from the company. He also claimed that ex-WWE stars were paid more than him.

On the Hall of Fame podcast, one fan opined that Tony Khan should put the world title on Maxwell, comparing it to The Rock winning the WWF Title and joining heel stable, The Corporation, in the Attitude Era.

Booker T thought it was a great idea, but is still waiting for the fallout from the AEW star's 'pipebomb' promo.

"That sounds like a great idea [putting the title on MJF]. I'm still wondering when the fallout is going to be from this pipebomb and something's gotta happen here. Something's gotta happen here and those corporate execs, you know I can't imagine that they wasn't feeling a certain way... I don't even know if that's a work, if they were really corporate execs, that could've been plants. That could've been people just saying was just coropate execs." [1:26:26-1:27:00]
Crazy that the 2 biggest contenders for promo of the year are both performed by MJF

Diamond Dallas Page wanted MJF to call him after controversial promo on AEW Dynamite

While speaking on the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Diamond Dallas Page recalled how he mentored MJF when the latter first started in All Elite Wrestling.

He also admitted that he wrote to The Salt of The Earth to call him after his promo on Dynamite, but that didn't happen.

"I’ve done some mentoring with MJF since he first came in. I wrote him and was like 'Bro, I’m hearing some crazy s**t out there. Call me brother, I don’t want to see you f**k up what could be potentially one of the greatest careers.' I said 'Please call me so I can understand what you’re doing and why.' He never got a hold of me."

The tension has been growing as AEW and its broadcasters removed all traces of MJF from their sites, stores, and programming. It remains to be seen whether The Salt of The Earth will return to weekly programming anytime soon, or whether his career with AEW is done.

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