WWE legend perplexed about Tony Khan's management of controversial AEW incident

AEW President Tony Khan has once more received criticism from a WWE legend
AEW President and CEO Tony Khan on TV

AEW President Tony Khan has often received backlash and criticism for his bookings. Moreover, the fallout from the infamous post-All Out media scrum is still being felt today. Eric Bischoff, a former RAW general manager, recently criticized Khan's approach toward the aforementioned incident.

The Elite recently returned to action and fired shots at CM Punk in a match against Death Triangle. Meanwhile, Punk's future with the promotion remains unclear. The former world champion and the Kenny Omega-led faction were previously involved in a backstage altercation.

In an interview with 10 Count, Eric Bischoff discussed how he would have responded to Punk's statements at the All Out press conference. During the presser, The Second City Saint took digs at everyone from Colt Cabana to Hangman Adam Page to the EVPs of AEW.

"Tony’s [Khan] not a physical guy (…) In terms of taking control of the situation (…) Tony had a mic, he had his own mic, he could have grabbed that mic stood up and said, ‘This conference is over, thank you all very much,’ and shut down the audio, boom, it’s over. Then sort it out." (H/T - WreslteTalk)

Eric Bischoff pointed out that Khan had control over the microphone and could have intervened in the tirade by stopping the conference. The former WCW executive added that he found it "mind-boggling" that Khan remained still as Punk spoke in such a manner.

"But to sit there and be thrashed and slayed like a fish by a guy that you’re writing a check to for five times more money than he’s really worth is mind-boggling to me." (H/T - WreslteTalk)
Tony Khan on Busted Open Radio:“There is this perception that every match on every show should have a long storyline built as to why it takes place. It doesn't need to be the case for every single AEW match.”As long as fans have a reason to care, that's all that matters.

A few months earlier, Eric Bischoff and Khan had also exchanged responses to some of Bischoff's criticisms.

AEW President Tony Khan has won accolades for his creativity despite Bischoff's criticism

In contrast to the recent criticisms, Tony Khan's booking ideas have received a lot of praise from the pro wrestling community.

The AEW President has even received recognition for his business acumen, even though some people might agree with Eric Bischoff.

Congratulations to @AEW CEO @TonyKhan, voted @WONF4W's 2021 Best Booker (for the 2nd straight year) + 2021 Promoter of the Year (3rd straight year). Tony joins Vince McMahon (98-2000) + Giant Baba (90-91) as the only people to win both awards at the same time in consecutive years

Khan was named "Booker of the Year" as part of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards for 2020 and 2021. Between 2019 and 2021, he also won "Promoter of the Year" three times in a row.

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